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    Timer interupt / pause command confilict

    I have a problem with a very simple program which demonstrates a problem with the pause command when interrupts are being used. The first 3 lines enable a timer interrupt to be generated every 10ms (100Hz) The main loop flashes a LED on and off every two seconds The interrupt handler pulses...
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    Driving Stepper Motors 50 to 1000 steps/sec

    I’ve been experimenting driving a bipolar stepper motor for a robotics project I’m working on. I am using an Alegro A3980 translator/driver chip. This is a very simple device that only requires a step pulse and direction as well as a few discrete components.For my application I need to be...
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    PIC AXE 28X1 Timer interrupt

    I've been struggling to get the timer interrupt working on the 28-x1 chip. This is the code I have used: settimer t1s_4 setintflags %10000000,%10000000 ‘ enable timer interrupt main: pause 1000 ‘ wait 1 seconds high 0 ‘ Turn LED on pause 1000 ‘ Wait 1 second...