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    Out of Stock 14M2

    Technical, the 14M2 surface mount version is marked "out of stock". When can I place an order?
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    18M2 pin states during download

    I was expecting all Picaxe 18M2 pins (ignoring serial in and serial out) to be in the high impedance state during programme download. Pins B.3 and B.6 (the PWM pins) are grounded during download. Does anyone know why?
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    Forum Etiquette

    I have become increasingly disappointed with the negative and condescending tone of replies from some forum members in response to requests for basic information and/or help with programming from schoolchildren and beginners. Can we lay down some ground rules here. I'll start the ball rolling...
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    Download Utility

    I am trying to design a piece of kit for my students to use when programming Picaxes for solderless breadboard use. It comprises: a 3xAA cell supply; zero insertion force (ZIF) sockets for 8-pin, 18-pin, 28-pin and 40-pin Picaxes; a stereo jack socket with the download resisitors; a 4k7 pullup...
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    6-Wire Servo

    I have a steering servo salvaged from a radio controlled car. It has 6 wires, 3 more than a conventional servo. Can anyone tell me what the extra wires are for?