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  1. erco

    RC PWM to drive a Cytron MD20A motor controller

    That sound is the high PWM rate, but that's the slowest PWM rate a 28X2 can give at 8MHz: 500 Hz. I generally prefer 100 Hz or lower. If it gives you problems we can slow down the Picaxe for lower PWM.
  2. erco

    RC PWM to drive a Cytron MD20A motor controller

    Try this, Gramps: '28X2 default speed is 8Mhz 'PWM frequency 500Hz (slowest) '10%=pwmout pwmdiv16, C.2, 249, 100 '50%=pwmout pwmdiv16, C.2, 249, 500 '100%=pwmout pwmdiv16, C.2, 249, 1000 ;pwmduty is 0 to 1023 'per Gramps: 'left extreme w1=274, b2=18 'center point w1=304, b2=48 'right...
  3. erco

    New Ultrasonic Sensor Board

    Easiest DIY Ultrasonic Tape Measure ever, makes stocking stuffers for the kids at 2 bucks!!
  4. erco

    RC PWM to drive a Cytron MD20A motor controller

    EDIT: Oops, look like you already solved it. Congrats! Hey Gramps, try this. Untested, I took a quick swag at it. I have no hardware handy. ;C.2 connects to PWM pin on MD20A ;C.3 connects to signal from the receiver ;C.4 connects to direction pin on MD20A '28X2 default speed is 8Mhz 'PWM...
  5. erco

    Second Random variable

    Long ago, twice a year, RANDOM wasn't so random... (2) How A $3 Hotdog Uncovered a $24.7 Million Lottery Scam - YouTube
  6. erco

    New Ultrasonic Sensor Board

    Just got some test boards for our old friend the HC SR04 ultrasonic rangefinder sensors. The $1 sensors are now just 65 cents, and interface easily to a Picaxe using the ULTRA command after doing the clever and well-documented one-pin mod here in the forum. This standalone test board plus...
  7. erco

    Pin walker single motor toy robot

    Rick is a 3D robot printing MONSTER!
  8. erco

    syntax error

    Jeff/OBC is a legend in many forums! Best regards to all.
  9. erco

    Timer circuit request

    Yep, a 555 is rated for 200mA output current, that comes in handy sometimes to reduce parts count. I was on a line follower quest a few years ago and came up with this ultra-simple circuit using a 555 timer. Alternately directly driving two motors is surely pushing that 200mA limit a bit but it...
  10. erco

    syntax error

    Gramps, you are the coolest. I'm guessing you're a senior citizen (as am I) and you are extremely active programming and always asking and learning. You are an inspiration and a role model to us all!
  11. erco

    Timer circuit request

    You could stick a 5V reed relay between the 555 and your circuit to isolate and eliminate noise. Personally I like the venerable 51-year 555 and use it at every opportunity. Before Covid, I bought a 50-pack from China and IIRC they were 4 cents apiece. I spend more than that on solder!
  12. erco

    Timer circuit request

    Any micro (Picaxe, BASIC Stamp, etc) can drive a mosfet switch or low-current (~20mA) relay directly from a pin. This includes 5V SPST reed relays and my favorite Aromat DPDT TF2-5V with a polarized coil. Those just switch power when activated. Then your code is as simple as: main: if pinc.3=1...
  13. erco

    Timer circuit request

    That's a perfect job for a $2 DY-SV17F MP3 Player Module. It has many modes, including pushbutton trigger, built-in storage for 3-5 minutes of MP3 audio and a built-in amplifier. No need for a picaxe or any micro, no need to switch anything on/off .
  14. erco

    Convert my Picaxe Basic code?

    Mark, the prior post was from 2012, so the OP may be long gone. But a good effort nonetheless!
  15. erco

    Simple code has me lost

    Try it.
  16. erco

    How do we use an IR remote control & detect multiple button-presses?

    Late to this party. I'd say you can go 2 ways easily. 1) Require 3 digits, such as 1=001, 23=023 etc. PITA. 2) Give yourself a certain time to enter the digits, using IRIN's timeout feature. Like so many modern TVs, if you only enter 1 then there's a pause for the timeout, then the value is...
  17. erco

    Morse Code Decoder for Cheap using a 20X2

    I made this for my daughter over a year ago and should have shared here. Uses a Picaxe 20M2 and a cheap microphone module which detects any and all sounds/frequencies, so it requires a quiet environment to operate properly. That's why it triggers when I'm talking.
  18. erco

    Flysky IBUS.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say no after googling and reading this at: Arduino library for the Flysky/Turnigy RC iBUS protocol - servo (receive) and sensors/telemetry (send) using hardware UART (AVR, ESP32 and STM32 architectures)...
  19. erco

    Amazing Vintage Car Accessory

    My car also has four carbs, which makes it that much more challenging.