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  1. Hemi345

    How to know when a sawdust collector is full

    You could try using something like this: Capacitance Proximity Sensor Switch
  2. Hemi345

    08M2 - Minimum current

    My automated window blinds have been averaging about 10 months on a single set of 4x AA alkaline batteries, opening/closing the blinds and reporting in over WiFi to log battery, temperature, & blind position at least twice a day. An efficient MC78LC33 voltage regulator is always on and powers...
  3. Hemi345

    SSD1306 OLED 128x32 test code

    I haven't stumbled across anyone successfully using an SSD1306-based 128x32 OLED display with the PICAXE. So I looked through the Arduino code provided by Adafruit and figure out the different parameters required to make the 128x32 display work. Using the code provided by fellow PICAXE members...
  4. Hemi345

    Sit/stand desk fix or upgrade?

    Schematic for the main PCB: Schematic of the SSR below. Since I was getting 3 copies of the PCB, I used a footprint I made for two DIP4 just in case I found the need to use these in the future for switching a single device. Also put an isolation slot on the PCB just in case for additional...
  5. Hemi345

    Sit/stand desk fix or upgrade?

    Alight, I couldn't admit defeat. :LOL: Here's the original PCB I made with the two little DMC25D0UVT load switches (IC1 & IC2): Tucked into a little custom enclosure with some LED buttons and the ultrasonic range finder: Turns out, the RJ11 cable I used was a crossover type and I didn't...
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    Recommendations for soldering station

    @rmeldo How's the KSGER station working out for you?
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    I can confirm that VScode extension works well on Windows. PE6 is still king for simulating stuff, but for long stints writing code, it's going to be so nice to use VScode because I can use my favorite Material Dark them that's easier on the eyes (I just didn't have any luck creating a similar...
  8. Hemi345

    How to install PICAXE Visual Studio Code extension on MacOS?

    First, thanks for posting a question about this... I didn't know RevEd made a PICAXE extension for VScode, sweet! Can't wait to give it a go. Since the Linux instructions are very similar to Windows, I can only infer that the Mac instructions would be along the same lines, but closer to Linux...
  9. Hemi345

    Very low power operation

    You could use the PIR to control power to the PICAXE: More details:
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    Using a double-DAC MAX519, with I2C

    Ha! glad you found the issue. I was going to ask if you might have a flashing LED, but this statement made me think otherwise:
  11. Hemi345

    Using a double-DAC MAX519, with I2C

    So both C.2 and C.0 have the wierd flashing issue when PWM is used? Makes me think something is resetting port C, like an outpinsC or pinsC call.
  12. Hemi345

    PE scaling issue with high resolution monitors

    I have run into an issue with PE6 looking fuzzy if I change the scaling in Windows 10 (build 1809). On my laptop with 14" 1920x1080 screen, I bumped scaling up to 125% (Start -> Settings -> System -> Display: "Scale and layout") so the File Explorer, desktop icons, etc text isn't so small, but...
  13. Hemi345

    handling data recieved

    Along the lines of the Arduino outrunning the PICAXE, you could use hardware serial and enable background receive so the PICAXE is always ready to receive the data.
  14. Hemi345

    Using a double-DAC MAX519, with I2C

    Give the following a try. It's a subset of some code I wrote to control an RGB light strip with an IR remote control (you'll need to edit the pin definitions to match your project): #picaxe 14m2 #no_data #terminal 4800 setfreq m4 symbol GreenPWM = C.0 symbol RedPWM = B.2 symbol BluePWM = B.4...
  15. Hemi345

    28X2 3V (PIC18F25K20) firmware revision history

    Yes, that helps and dang, I wish I would have known the limitations of this chip. Only two PWM channels means no go for the project I had in mind. But lots of I/O and ADC channels... maybe I'll just make a breakout board for them to drive those parallel displays for a little mini terminal or...
  16. Hemi345

    28X2 3V (PIC18F25K20) firmware revision history

    I picked up a couple of these a while back and didn't see the warning about them having old firmware. What firmware is on these and is there a revision history that will give me an idea of the issues I might encounter before designing a board around them? Thanks.
  17. Hemi345

    Wireless manual switch

    These HC-12 modules are pretty easy to use.
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    Recommendations for soldering station

    After reading a ton of reviews and going back and forth on whether I wanted a 2 (or 3) in 1 station, I decided to pick up just a hot air station and upgrade my iron and skillet later. The glowing reviews of the QUICK 861DW was attractive but the price was more than I wanted to spend. I liked...
  19. Hemi345

    Sound detector to detect hammer strikes

    This will probably seem like an off the wall idea, but here goes. It looks like the strings are fairly close together and the hammers are wide. You could get some cheap lasers and shoot them across the dulcimer to detectors on the other side. A sort of beam break detector. One of these every...