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  1. Buzby

    Is broken ?

    Time now is 20:04 Saturday, and I'm getting an error trying to access Anybody else the same ?
  2. Buzby

    Has anyone tried ultrasonic distance measurement by PICAXE alone, not using SRF005 etc ?

    Hi All, I'm tempted to try building a location system, a sort of cut down version of the one I linked to a couple of years ago ... The basic idea is that two devices at fixed...
  3. Buzby

    AXE401 Out of stock. Is this a temporary situation ?

    Is the out of stock AXE401 soon to be in stock, or has it been retired ?.
  4. Buzby

    URF/ERF remote programming nearly working, but not fully.

    Hi, I need a remote programming facility for my current project, so I dug out my URF and ERF. The URF/EFR link seems to be working, I can do a firmware check OK, but programming is not working properly. Small programs load OK, but longer programs time out with a 'Compiler has stopped...
  5. Buzby

    OT: Bluetooth audio transmitter needed, Googling gives confusing results.

    Hello All, Can anyone suggest a board that accepts an audio input, then transmits to a standard Bluetooth speaker or headphones ?. I want to add this facility to an existing, somewhat vintage, record deck. Google, eB*Y, and Am***n all give hundreds of confusing results. Many say transmitter...
  6. Buzby

    PE6 Simulation of 'serrxd' , is it broken or am I missing something ?

    When I use the simulator to enter a number via serrxd, it seems to enter a 0 automatically the next time the program uses serrxd, before I even touch the keyboard. If I use a real chip it's OK. What am I doing wrong ? Cheers, Buzby
  7. Buzby

    28X2/40X2 Othello / Reversi, basic skeleton code

    Here is my start at an AI game playing machine. It needs a 28X2 or 40X2 to run. ( It will run in the simulator, but it's *very* slow. ) It's a bit rough, no proper 'end of game' detection yet, and it's not very intelligent. The final aim is implement minimax, and fit the code into a 20X2 ...
  8. Buzby

    Can we have a new Serial Terminal please ?

    The Picaxe Serial Terminal is my no.2 tool for debugging,( after the simulator ), but sometimes I have to use a 3rd party terminal if I need a bit more control of the screen. This entails using up another USB port, another cable, and forever swapping. It would be really useful if the PE...
  9. Buzby

    PE6.1.0.0 #Slot 4 on 20X2 still not working.

    I'm working again on my project which requires Slot 4 on a 20X2. PE6 was being a bit too much of a nanny, and told me there was only Slot 0 on a 20X2. The latest PE revision notes say this issue is fixed, but maybe only in a beta version of the compiler. Do I need to install this beta version...
  10. Buzby

    Does anybody recognise this ?

    This was in my pictures folder of holiday snaps from Turkey, back in 2007. Anybody know why ? Is there a PICAXE in there ?
  11. Buzby

    VL53LOX, has anyone tried using it with a PICAXE ?

    Hi All, The VL53LOX 'Time of flight' range sensor looks really attractive. It's got 2m range, needs no special target, and interfaces using I2C. So I bought one, then read the datsheet. ( Some here may notice I got this sequence back to front. ) This when I found the datasheet doesn't have the...
  12. Buzby

    PE6.0.9.3 @ptrinc simulation

    I reported this issue way back in PE5 days, September 2012, but it still seems to be with us in PE6, this time with no increment at all !. Cheers, Buzby
  13. Buzby

    LED strips, are there any real white ones, not RGB ?

    Hi All, I want a LED strip that can do individual control, like the APA102 based strips, but I want all the LEDs to be 'warm' white, All I can find are RGB strips, are there any single colours equivalents ?. Cheers, Buzby
  14. Buzby

    Making downloads faster, I've seen it somewhere, but where ?

    Hi All, There is a method in Windows to tweak some USB or serial parameter somewhere which can speed up downloading. I'm sure I saw it on the Picaxe website, or in the docs maybe, but I can't find it now. If I remember, the tweak makes it faster, but less stable. Any pointers ?. Cheers...
  15. Buzby

    PE5 let's me use slot 4 on 20X2, but PE6 doesn't.

    Hi All, The project I started years ago has been resurrected, but PE has moved on in the meantime, and now I've got a problem. PE5 let's me use slot 4 on an external EEPROM for booti2c, but PE6 says a 20X2 hasn't got a slot 4. Mine has ! PE5 ... PE6 ... How can I use PE6 to do this ...
  16. Buzby

    Feature request : Watch 'Break on Condition' to be retentive if break de-selected.

    The PE6 Watch window 'Break on Condition' is very useful, but has one annoying feature. When a configured 'Break' is un-ticked the configuration is lost, and does not return if re-ticked. It would be a Good Thing if the configuration was retained, and just ignore the 'Break' if it's not...
  17. Buzby

    An example of how a PICAXE could be used to make a PLC

    Hi All, Prompted by the recent question about making a PICAXE PLC here is an 'engine' that someone could use as the basis of such a project, if anyone thinks making a PLC out of a PICAXE is a Good Thing. The difficult part of a PLC system is not the engine ( this one here took less than a day...
  18. Buzby

    OT: A cool new display technology I've not seen before.

    This display looks really cool, it's silver and black. I just wish I had an application for it !.
  19. Buzby

    Is there an SFR tweak to let an 08M2 use an external clock source ?.

    Hi, I would like to drive an 08M2 from an external clock source. Is there an SFR tweak that can be used to select the clock source ?. ( As the earlier 08M was a PIC12F683 which supported external clocks, I'm hoping the 08M2 is similar. ) Cheers, Buzby
  20. Buzby

    What is this cable for ?

    Hi all, I was furtling in one of my deep and dark crevices, and I came across this. It's got a 9-pin 'D' socket on one end, and a stereo 3.5 plug on the other. There's a label on the packet saying '13-0847'. Is this an Old Skool Picaxe serial programming lead, or just another useless thing...