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    Faster code for MS5611 variometer

    Hippy, for curiosity, I eliminated the n samples average and just compared last with this; it works almost as well giving much larger execution speed spectrum. in fact I had to increase the final pause from nothing to 200 ms. Here the code: #Picaxe 08M2 #Terminal 4800 #No_Data setfreq m8...
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    Using MPX 4115A

    hello there, I just bought a MPX 4115A absolute pressure sensor and to test it I used a very simple code: #Picaxe 08M2 #Terminal 4800 #No_Data do readadc10 c.4,w0 debug pause 500 loop the w0 readings are very erratic and change at each reading. The data sheet does not specify if a resistor...
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    VARIOMETER using GY63/MS5611 barometer

    Hello, first let me wish to everybody a merry Christmas. Now let me come to my project: Hippy helped me a lot with coding the barometer coding on a 08M2. it is almost working except the sensitivity which is somewhat erratic. The code was written by Hippy but I simplified it just to read the...
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    AXE027 again

    I do not feel alone! Here my story with AXE027 similar to many other. Was editing and testing a code on my MacBook: all ok. I closed the file and opened another code file and.............BANG! download cable no longer there. Checked library extensions, no trace. Checked system information and...
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    08m2 a simple math question

    Hi, How can I code the comparison between two bytes i.e if bo>b1 then..... or reverse? Thanks to all
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    sertxd and terminal

    despite my age I'm still trying to learn: I wrote the simple sertxd code example of pag. 219 of manual 2. #picaxe 08m2 #terminal 4800 #no_data main: for b1=1 to 2 sertxd("the value of b1 is ",#b1,13,10) b1=b1+1 next b1 Using debug I see the b1 increasing its value in binary while in...
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    Clean-up an 8m2

    Hello there, I downloaded a complex code and after several runs I wanted to write some new code for totally different purposes on an 8M2. It happens that the loading and running the new code, I get the old one running too. Is a reset command able to erase past code? Should I write a reset cmd on...
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    Hi2cin and readi2c

    In the manuals there are two command to write or read an i2c device: hi2cin/readi2c and hi2cout/writei2c. What is the difference between them?
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    code for reading a single i2c device

    Hi there, I need a code for 8M2 to read from a GY-63 MS5611 pressure sensor module (see attached spec). The sensor address should be 1110111x. The SCL and SDA outputs have a pull-up of 22K. The CSB pin is at GND while the PS pin is at +5V. The test code I copied from the manuals is: hi2csetup...
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    MacAXEpad com port not found

    Everything was working nice until I shut down the MacBook. The AXE027 is listed twice in two instances of USB hardware Library but cannot be found by the options of MacAXEpad (disconnected). The MacBook has two USB sockets and the cable does not show-up on any of them. Probably the Axe027...
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    8M2 I2C syntax issue

    Hello there, after 6 years I'm back to Picaxe to design a variometer (barometer) to be mounted on a model sailplane using the MS6511 sensor. The vertical speed of the model has to be transformed to audio signals to be transmitted to ground via a modified 433 MHz module. Right now I am refreshing...
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    I2C tutorial

    I2c tutorial is mentioned few times in the official manuals but I am unable to find it. Can somebody help? Thanks
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    arduino code conversion

    Hi there, I went across a nice variometer project designed around Arduino Nano which, of course, has a Arduino code totally unknown by me. Is there anyone who can offer an initial translation of that code to Pickaxe code for a 08M? The Arduino code is attached. Many thanks to this community...
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    store permanently "servo" command on 28X1

    Hi Forum, I have made a radio controlled position machine where I send for few instant the data via "serout" via radio while the power supply goes via wire and then it is witched-off. The receiver has a set of bistable relays and some servo's. When the power is switched-on the servo's go...
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    7 segment display: 4511B or 4026B?

    dear forum, I intend to replace a working LCD display with three 7 segment displays. In the forum I noticed that most of people uses the 4511B while the interface manual describe a simple code and simpler cascading using the 4026B. I have a manual rotary encoder which transitions are counted by...
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    Wireless remote control for multiple remote antenna tuners

    Hi there, I just successfully completed the above project and I wrote an article describing it. It is attached in pdf format. Good reading, Anselmo
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    LCD with 28X1 at 16 MHz

    Hello, I completed a project where I drive successfully a 2x16 character LCD at 4 and 8 MHz. Now I added a 16 MHz quartz and, despite all the pulseout command have been extended to 4, the initial 4 characters on the first line have strange values. Analyzing the issue I reduced the code just for...
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    execution speed

    I completed successfully a remote control via 433MHz radio modules at 600 Baude (1200 gives erratic results). The receiver PIC is a 28X1 running at 4 MHZ because it drives servos. The data transfer is however slow.....about 700ms between data acceptance. Is there any method to assess the time...
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    serin-serout baud rate

    The serin and serout commands explained in the user manual 2 have specified baud rate as function of frequency as T600_4 or N 2400_8 where the _4 or _8 look to be the frequency designators. These designators are however omitted in the example; are them necessary? Additionally, in the serin...
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    My first serin-serout between two picaxe

    I made my first serial connection between two 28X1 via a 330 ohm resistor. The transmitter has a line code:"serout 0,N2400_8,("ABC",#b6,#b8,#b3,#b7)" intended to transmit 4 byte variables. The receiver has a code: [/code] serin 3,N2400,("ABC",b1,b2,b0,b4) sertxd (#b1," ",#b2," ",#b0,"...