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    Non picaxe question - audio voltage divider

    Be careful. Most, if not all, car audios use bridge amplification. None of the speaker outputs have a common ground. Accidentally connecting any output to another, or to a common ground can immediately destroy the output stage. Connecting the 'high' level speaker outputs into an amplifier that...
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    14M2 2-4 line LCD PCB

    You could try putting a single series diode to all the 0V (ground) connections of the LCD then connecting the contrast pin *directly* to 0V, making it slightly lower than "LCD" ground by around 0.7V. Has worked for me in the past.
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    I might write that as: If Day=$1 Or Day=$7 Then If Hour>=$09 And Hour <=$17 Then Let Heat =19 Return EndIf EndIf It is possible your version is not being interpreted in that way.
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    Perhaps (as a first step) the compiler could be updated and the command line syntax for using it, published allowing it to be integrated into an alternative IDE/editor.I've said before that Mac compatibility was one of the main resons for me starting to use PicAxe when I worked at an FE College...
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    I still use my iMac for programming. For home, and another iMac for programming at work. Cross platform usage was one of the first things that led me to PicAxe. I would be sorry to see it lost. I'd like to imagine that a fairly simple recompile with a 64bit compiler would see AxePad 64bit ready...
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    adc stability for volt meter

    Try this: Grid Frequency Monitor Monitors Mains frequency and voltage. 120V compatible too.
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    Monitoring the load on the National Grid with a PicAxe

    There is a very minor update to the software. The only difference is that I reduced the step(s) of the frequency compensation adjustment for calibrating the internal oscillator of the PicAxe.
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    MSF reception question

    My (German) Braun watch will set itself using either the UK or German time signal (MSF or DCF). It defaults to the strongest signal and/or the last used signal, early mornings only. My (German) Junghans watch uses only the German DCF signal, early mornings only. My German) LIDL clock uses an...
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    Get Your Avatars and Feel Alive!

    Sorry, being the old grump I feel the coloured Avatars make everything look rather "Fisher Price". I keep looking to see if there is a rather more "sober" theme that presents the forum with less colour, and no (or much smaller) avatars.
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    SerialPower: updated implementation for M2/X2 picaxes

    Loving the prototype board!
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    Monitoring the load on the National Grid with a PicAxe

    Pictures of the unit in operation. Boxed version, showing a frequency of slightly below 50Hz. Unboxed version, showing a frequency of slightly above 50Hz. This (almost) shows the PCB design using the Eagle files in the above post.
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    Monitoring the load on the National Grid with a PicAxe

    Full description A full description of the design in PDF format. Eagle format PCB files.
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    Monitoring the load on the National Grid with a PicAxe

    I was inspired by an article in the January 2012 issue of Elektor which described how it was possible to measure the load on the Electricity National Grid by reading the Frequency of the Mains supply. The greater the load on the Grid, the slower the generators run and so the frequency slows...
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    ON/OFF RELAY CIRCUIT WITH 30v SUPPLYand 5V supply and two picaxe.

    My thoughts would be to add two further diodes around the transistor's Collector. One, Cathode to Collector, Anode to the junction of the existing flyback protection diode and the "Collector" end of the relay coil. Another, Anode to Emitter, Cathode to the junction of the existing flyback...
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    Current measurement - How would you do this?

    One item that I've mentioned before but is worth mentioning again is the FHS 40-P from LEM. This is a hall effect current measuring device, with an output that swings above and below the centre of the supply rail meaning it can measure AC (up to around 10kHz) or DC in either direction. With a 5V...
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    Hardware not found

    Hello. The first thing to check is that the MacBook is correctly seeing the AXE027. Initially unplug the AXE027, and where possible, any other USB devices. Click: Apple Logo > About this Mac > Overview > System report > Hardware > USB You should now see a report similar to this: With the...
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    OT: A rather smart soldering iron, and a memory from the past.

    Aha! I've got the irons mixed up. This one from Rapid does have the auto-standby mode. It is more expensive at £108 +VAT. This has an Iron which looks similar to the Maplin/Tenma one as does the display. Made by Atten.
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    OT: A rather smart soldering iron, and a memory from the past.

    I've been using this Tenma one from CPC (£33+VAT) for almost two years, five days a week. Maplin do the same unit as a 'Maplin Gold' model for slightly more, pricing depending on their current offers if you don't want to order from CPC. If I ordered from Farnell (CPC's parent company) they were...
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    AxePad crashing when try to open/save a file

    Regarding sending you a copy of my WINE environment. I can only speak for the Mac OS, not Linux, but the WINE 'App' is a Bundle, opening the contents of the bundle reveals a directory structure with a 'C:\' drive, complete with both a Windows and Program Files directory. I had naively assumed...
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    AxePad crashing when try to open/save a file

    I don't understand the WINE command line either... I succeeded by 'cheating'. I use WINESkin to create the WINE environments, after I'd created the PE5 environment, I did as possibly you did, by locating the C:\ drive, copying in the mfc40.dll to the Windows\System32 directory. I then opened up...