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    sparkfun sound detector module test code

    I'm missing something. Please help. LED connected to pin C.4 Sound module gate connected to pin C.1 On start up the LED lights. When sound is detected, LED goes out. Why doesn't the code loop? 'sparkfun sound detector module test code code: #picaxe 08M2 #no_data symbol _C4=C.4 poke...
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    Laser infrared thermometer

    Has anyone played with one of these yet?
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    Sound detector to detect hammer strikes

    The dulcimer project is coming along very nicely but we are still trying to find and utilize a good input sensor. At this point copper pads on the Hammers are moving the input pins High when they connect with the metal strings on the instrument. The wires on the Hammers are really a nuisance. So...
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    How to print out an entire thread

    How to print a thread?
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    Issue with AXE133Y Serial OLED

    Strange characters appearing on the OLCD. Could I have accidentally erased the code on the OLCD chip?
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    setting up a new windows 7 computer to use the Editor

    We are setting up a new windows 7 computer and have the Editor installed. Then we installed the download cable auto install software. Are we ready to plug in the cable? I want to be able to remove the serial cable from one machine and plug it into the new one, then put it back in the old machine...
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    Wireless serial download cable

    I see some old posts from 2010 on wirelessly connecting a computer and a pickaxe. Anything new in the pipe that's easy to work with?
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    hardware not found!

    Our 40X2 chip cannot find hardware. Following tests have been made: The download cable loads fine to the 28 pin project board. The 40X2 is wired as drawn in the diagram that was sent with the chip. Power (4.96 volts) is at pins 11 and 32 (positive) and at pins 12 and 31 (negative.) TX is to pin...
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    Flowchart converts to Basic?

    This little code example was the result of using the Picaxe Editor's flowchart to Basic converter. The "Cells" appear to be a unit containing the "if" statement. My question is, what would this look like if it was simply coded in Basic? Thanks ,Gramps main: Cell_7_3: high B.7 if pinC.0=1...
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    28 pin project board problem

    Greetings from Ft. Myers Florida, We're lighting 8 LEDs on pins B.7 through B.0. Using input pin C.1 as a momentary contact switch. Pin B.0 will not light, Can a pin be burned out? Here's the code: Thanks, Gramps main: let dirsA = 16 let dirsB = 0 let dirsC = 0 Cell_7_3: high...
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    Please point me to some step by step basics to code the PICAXE using Blockly.

    Hello, For a long time I have thought about learning to code. Picaxe and Blockly look like the entry level for me. It has been frustrating that among all the files and pages on the internet, this doesn't seem to be available. I need someone to point me to some step by step basics to code the...