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    Using a double-DAC MAX519, with I2C

    Hi everyone, I have a simple project that I haven't quite managed to get working - I did a search on similar Maxim chips (517,518) but can't get sample code working there either. It's a simple project, a large brass and copper art piece in the form of a goldfish. The electronic part is the eye...
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    FVR and battery voltage

    Hi everyone. It's been about 5 years since I've been on here. I need a bit of guidance with FVRSETUP etc. Here's the project: a simple clap switch (works fine) based on an 08m2. It's run off a 4.2V Li-ion battery, and I'd like to keep an eye on the battery voltage, so I can alert if the battery...
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    Odd, never-before-seen EEPROM error

    Hi all, I've just encountered an error while programming a 40x2. Yesterday it was fine, today I've added a case statement at the end of the program, and it's come up with a bizarre error - saying I can't use EEPROM in an if-statement. The funny thing is, I'm not, and neither version of the...
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    New! Improved! Better, even! The Final Poll Part 2

    OK, so here's the poll done better, like. Good suggestion Hippy. Please feel free to vote again, and for other options this time. Kind regards, Barney
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    Your favourite PICAXE of all time?

    Curious as to which PICAXE folks have enjoyed the most over the years. Stan, for example, 08M I imagine. Me, the 18X. How about everyone else? (note - the poll only allowed 10 options so I chose 10 I *thought* might be the most popular......) Let's have it! :)
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    Just for Ham Radio folks

    OhmArt cartoons (prev:Just for Ham Radio folks) I won't bother folks with every electronics cartoon I do, but I really liked this one and thought there might be a few on the forum who are into this kind of sick, twisted, electronics humour. Enjoy!!! Kind regards, Barney
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    Other folks may have already heard about these little beggars; I've just found them - they look an interesting concept - espec. with VGA output and a pretty mean 80 MHz clock!
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    For sale?

    Hi everyone, I couldn't find a 'For Sale' section in our forum (do we actually have one?) so before I actually post a semi-commercial link, I thought I'd test the water. I've just completed a series of humorous electronics pictures which through a website can be put on T-shirts, cups...
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    433MHz, RX, input pin

    hi there, I'm having a bit of difficulty getting a 433 MHz RX module to read correctly on my 40X1. I'm wondering about a few things you might be able to comment on: 1. My 40X1 is running at 8MHz rather than 4MHz (readehearing?), 2. the RX is being read in through pin Input3. Is this OK, or does...
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    A quick thank you and Merry Christmas

    A very quick note while it's in my head - thank you to the PICAXE creators, moderators, and folk in the Forum. PICAXE as a whole has been a fun part of my life for the past few years and the support from all corners is always great. And, Merry Christmas from (sunny) New Zealand!
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    Programming editor bug (v 5.3.2)

    Hi Technical, just found a small bug in the editor On the PWMOUT wizard, I entered 60 as the value of Hz (without realising it might be a bit low). The editor threw an error message that said: "Runtime error 6 - overflow" (Is finding this worth a free picaxe ;-)
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    28Xs won't program...!

    Hi all, I have a couple of old 28Xs (16F873) that I cannot download a program to, or check the firmware of. Any other chip is fine - 08M, 18X, 28X1, etc. But not these 2 28Xs I've had sitting in the box for a while. I can program an 18X, fine, then try the 28X, no response, 18X again, fine...
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    Split personality IO pin on 08M

    I'm using a SMD 08M for a project and I"m a little short on IO. Not enough to use a bigger chip or an expander, but I'd like to do the following on 08M: For pin3, which is either an ADC, IN, or OUTPUT - when I switch it to be an output, it powers the 5V pin of a 433 TX module. When I change it...
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    3 yr old's MP3 player

    My 3 year old daughter wanted a "music box" like her older brother's, so I have made this for her (for Xmas). It's a 28x1 with serial LCD to a 24x2 LCD, connected to a VMUSIC2 module and a quaint old 128Mb usb drive. It has a stereo amplifier, with bass and treble, salvaged from an old PC...
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    Anyone used this OLED from mdfly?

    Part number: LCD-GR0104L At a few $ US, it might be quite PICAXE-able. A cute 96x96 display with 65K colours. Wow..
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    High quality amplifier (with PICAXE)

    Hi all, I've recently finished building a nice high quality amplifier based on National's LM3886T IC. It has some cool features like audio grade caps, solid copper bus bars between power caps, active tone control, a copper plated case, custom made and painted PCBs, etc so forth. Anyway...
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    Counting, frequency, Jeremy Leach

    This is a frequency counter question after reading Jeremy's neat code in I'm designing a simple frequency counter for use to 200MHz, most for FM radio work. I've factored in a 1.1GHz MC12080 pre-scaler, and with the...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone in the forum from me (Barney) in NZ. It's been a great year with the release of some new parts - the 20X2 in particular is a beautiful animal. Have a safe break and see you in 2010 for another year of AXEing.
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    Anyone used a 24x2 LCD?

    I'm thinking of putting one on my amplifier I'm making. It's a HD44--- usual type, and I have a picaxe serial LCD chip spare. Just wondering about the character positions though. On the 16x2s I've used, row 1 is 128 + 15 characters, the second row starts at192 + 15. Has anyone used a 24x2...
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    14M debug doesn't work?

    Hi all, wondering if anyone else has ever had problems with their 14m and the debug command. Mine refuses to pass any values back to the PC. Yes, I've checked the cable etc - that's fine. No problems with my 08M, 18X, 28X, 28X1, 40X, 20M I've used. My test code: loopy: readadc 4,b0 debug pause...