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    interrupts in simulation mode don't seem to be working

    should an interrupt run in simulator mode as it should normaly. I mean my interrupt does not seem to do anything in simulator mode. Does this mean i did something wrong? Should i be able to see it work step by step?
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    need help with a binary output from picaxe?

    I want to preset a 3 digit counter when it is turned on to read 998. I need to output the number in binary and make the preset pin low to preset the number on the counter ( 3 counters 3 presets). my question is, how do i output the numbers? I dont know enough about it to find an answer by...
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    Is this possible?

    I want to make an up and down counter, and multiplex a 3 digit 7 segment display. Can a picaxe be programmed to do this with out other ics? i want a compact unit. mabe 2 inch by 2 inch. I drew a schematic containing 3 counter ics and 3 driver ics and a picaxe to control inputs, I havent tested...