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    AXE401 Out of stock. Is this a temporary situation ?

    There are no short term plans for another batch of assembled, the (cheaper) self assembly pack has always been much more popular.
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    AXE401 Out of stock. Is this a temporary situation ?

    The self assembly kit is in stock and available here:
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    Motor block customization

    We need a table of the state of all necessary outputs in each of the 9 movements (including stop). So if the user selects forwards (for the robot) which pins are high and which are low?
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    Motor block customization

    Please provide a on/off table of all 4 pins for what you want forward/backward/stop/turn left/turn right (of the robot) to be. For instance if the motors are on opposite sides of the robot you may actually need one motor going forwards and one motor backwards for the robot to physically move...
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    MacAxePad needs to be updated for 64 bit for future compatibility

    Yes, it will be updated when required. Also you can always use Blockly online at as well. It is actually only the (separate) Mac compilers that are 32 bit, the other 'frontend' of the software will already compile to 64 bit. We are always reluctant to change the core...
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    ASCII character set used by PE6

    Depends on how you are using them. Most use of 'extended' is within LCD or OLED work, and they all vary, so you need to check which font set your actual module uses (by looking at its specific datasheet).
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    Motor block customization

    You can design your own blocks already for use with PE6. Email us your exact requirements and we will show you an example.
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    Using Ohmmeter in simulation

    These are messages from the simulation engine, so we suspect you would need to speak to labcenter about this.
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    Grove LCD series compatibility

    Please buy it and try it (we don't have one). If it doesn't work already we'll update Blocky in the next release so that it does work, it should be a very simple change.
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    Picaxe VSM and dacsetup

    It is not possible for a virtual simulation to be 100% identical to the real chip silicon, although it is a very good approximation there will always be some differences. The simulated model does not have a DAC module, and hence the DACsetup command is not supported either.
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    14M2 interrupt error in model

    To be able to look at this further we will need copies of your .dsn file and .bas files, please send by email.
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    14M2 interrupt error in model

    Normally this type of VSM issue is where the simulation does not have a common simulation ground (e.g. the external components (which should be a digital resistor to switch) accidentally do not use the same two power rails as the PICAXE model). SETINT OR 0x00, 0x03 is the same as 'is not'...
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    PICAXE Editor 6 user guide - is there such a thing?

    Page 73 onwards of the 'Getting Started' manual:
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    Install axe 027 in Ubuntu 18.04

    and what do you see from command ls /dev/
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    Are there RGB LEDs that can produce a pure WHITE output ???

    RGBW LEDs do exist in various formats e.g. If you want a decent white that is really the only option.
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    Trouble with 0LED

    Your input/output program comments are probably incorrect as you have two B.0s described, should the OLED serout commands be on B.7 instead?
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    Install axe 027 in Ubuntu 18.04

    You can reprogram the cable to the default FTDI PID which will work straight away:
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    GPS010 with axe211?

    In the end the GPS break out board proved to be much more popular with customers:
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    Using Octal in PE6

    If you turn off the preprocessor you can unofficially use this. Octal has been in the compiler as a hidden test mode for 20 years, but can't remember anyone ever asking before! do let b1 = '\17' loop
  20. Technical

    Import .cad files from version 5 into version 6.

    Old .cad files are not supported in PE6. You can however convert to BASIC in PE5 and then open that BASIC file in PE6. Or redraw within PE6 in the newer PE6 flowcharting format.