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    Ember EM2420 Xceiver Modules

    I have access to several surplus Ember EM2420 transceiver modules: and was wondering if they were so obsolete (apparently the new ones are 3rd generation, while these are 1st generation,) as to make them undesirable to run data links with. Can...
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    Code for analyzing an arbitrary waveform

    I need coding help with the analysis of an arbitrary waveform. As usual for me, it was not difficult to prep the waveform in hardware so it is presented in a clean ttl level (0 to 5 V) format to be analyzed by a 28X2 PICAXE running at 64 MHz. However, after that things fall apart. I'm...
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    Meta list of most useful threads

    It occurred to me that, as I still often have difficulty with site searches, it would be very nice to have a list of links to those threads that other picaxers have found to be most helpful, for whatever reason. I could then make a "cheat sheet" listing of them and the nature of each thread (as...
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    Addition to the Editor

    I'd like to suggest adding a drop-down menu tab to the Editor that would list all of the commands and allow the user to quickly display the exact 'Manual 2' page describing each command selected. Opening the entire Manual 2 PDF and scrolling through it in order to find a given command is quite...
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    Formatting Data For LCD

    I've been looking through all of my docs, but I can't seem to find the info on how to format data (binary, hex, decimal, ASCII) being sent out to an LCD. I'm using an 08M, feeding one of Dr. Anderson's serial to parallel LCD driver chips. I know I've read the info before. I just can't seem to...
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    Sparkfun 18M2 (non)availability

    FYI The message I sent: On 11/21/2010 3:01 PM, john west wrote: > Hi > > I've been checking regularly over the last few months to see if you are selling the PICAXE 18M2 micro-controller yet. > > Though it came out a few months ago my searches on your site still turn up nothing. > > Will you be...
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    AT17LV010 serial memory

    I've come across several Atmel AT17LV010 1 Mbit serial EEPROM's and was wondering if any of the more experienced PICAXE users would know if they can be used with a 20X2? The data sheet indicates they are used for configuring FPGA's.
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    Missing appendicies for 18/20 pin parts

    Unless my old eyes are again deceiving me (as they often do) there are appendicies for I/O configuration in Manual 1 for all chips other than the 18 and 20 pin devices. Am I missing something? I did find what appear to be the relevant commands listed in Manual 2. BTW - is this the correct...