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    PICAXE on social media, what went wrong ?

    I did actually watch all of the YouTube tutorials and found them useful.
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    You beat me to it eclectic! However, if it makes a difference, my calipers say 61 x 41 mm bare board (plus 2mm if you need to account for the sticking out bit of the download socket). And, by the way, yes these measurements were taken from one of the boards that you kindly gave me some years ago...
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    I don't think that there was ever a proper datasheet for the AXE201.
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    older smart board cameras work with picaxe?

    Ah, totally different type of SmartBoard from the one you originally linked to. I think it is this one. Those cameras just need to identify if something is in their path and so probably wouldn't be useful for anything apart from sensing. Like the other SmartBoards, they use a USB connection and...
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    older smart board cameras work with picaxe?

    The board you have linked to (SmartBoard 680) has a resistive touch matrix to detect where the screen has been pressed. I don't know about cameras in each corner; I thought it had optical sensors in each of the pen trays to detect which pen has been taken out of its tray. I have a similar...
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    Inductive charging of a Lipo

    If you have an electric toothbrush charger and the coil from the base of an old electric toothbrush, that might be enough to start some experimentation. Couple that with a small charge controller board and you might get there. For solar charging, Adafruit make a kit but you can buy the bits...
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    i2c LCD control

    If you are intending to use a Picaxe, you are best advised to use the Picaxe backpack, either as a complete module or, as Flenser suggests, as an add-on (the AXE132 serial backpack board). However, be aware that the pins on that board are on the opposite side from most budget LCDs so adding the...
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    S2Bot and Sphero SPRK+

    SBrick+ not detected OK, back from holiday and I've tried the SBrick+ with S2Bot v8.0 Chrome App and can't get it to detect the SBrick+. For what it's worth, I couldn't get S2Bot 0.7.4 Chrome App to work either. When I run S2Bot (with the BLED dongle inserted), I click "Scan for devices" and...
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    Picaxe control of Adafruit 14 segment display with I2C backpack

    Adafruit sell some nice 4x14-segment displays with an I2C backpack based on the Holtek HT16K33 driver chip. This thread discussed using the same backpack with a 4x7-segment display and I posted another code snippet for controlling an 8x8 LED matrix. The code snippet below shows how to control...
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    New S2Bot version?

    I was just wondering if/when S2Bot will support the new Sbrick Plus? I know it already supports the SBrick output devices, but Vengit's own software is, to say the least, flaky and S2Bot support for the WeDo 1.0 input devices would be much nicer.
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    Picaxe control of Adafruit 8x8 LED matrix with i2c backpack

    I couldn't find any Picaxe Basic code examples for controlling this display, but this thread described how to control a 4-digit, 7-segment display that uses the same backpack. Building on the information in that thread, I have produced the following code that demonstrates how to turn on/off...
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    Programming Adafruit 4-Digit Displa7 (HT16K33)

    I bought a couple of 8x8 LED matrices that use the same i2c Adafruit backpack with the HT16K33 chip. It took me a while to figure out how to turn on the correct pixels in the matrix as there are a couple of "gotchas" due to the way the LED matrix is wired. 1. After initialising, the starting...
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    Honeywell HIH4000-001 humidity sensor SEN008 - which way round?

    Looking at the data sheet for this sensor, I can't make out from the diagram on p4 of the data sheet which way round are the +ve and -ve connections. I don't want to fry this expensive component so can anybody tell me how to identify the +ve from the -ve? Looking at the photo below, is +ve on...
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    S2Bot support for Sbrick Plus

    I was wondering when the new Sbrick Plus will be supported in S2Bot (i.e. sensors). Any news?
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    Picaxe Blockly question

    Blockly Doesn't this do what you need?
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    S2P error

    I am using a DE-ACCM2G2 2-axis accelerometer (y-axis) connected via pin C.0 of the CHI035a board (Picaxe 18M2+). I have written a Scratch program using the correct S2P template and it works fine in connected mode. When I try and download the program for "remote run mode", I get this error...
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    Location of resistors on CHI035a High Power Board

    I need to remove the R1, R2 and R4 10k pulldown resistors from my CHI035a board. Trouble is, I don't know which is which. I think the label for each resistor is printed on the board but, once built, the resistor covers up the label. Does anybody have a picture of the unassembled board that they...
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    "Refresh ports" in Picaxe Blockly Windows Desktop

    If you forget to connect the AXE027 cable before you launch Picaxe Blockly Windows Desktop, there is no way to "refresh ports" like there is in the PE6 version. It seems that the only way to select the correct port for the cable is then to exit and restart Blockly. Could this be fixed in the...
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    dirsB and let pinsB not implemented in S2P?

    Runs like treacle Well I tried to run a stepper in S2P using this approach: Removing the "wait" blocks causes everything to hangup. Leaving them in, the best I can do is move the stepper like treacle. I don't know if using "pinsB =" would have run any quicker (if it had been implemented in...