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    Slots with i2C

    I was working on a project up to October last year, that contained the use of two slots on a 28X2. Slot 1 contained a full function clock/alarm. And slot 0 monitored/controlled dozens of I/O's. Which required continuous scanning of those inputs. The issue I have experienced, is the i2C bus...
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    ReadADC and Comparator off the same pin

    Hi people, Just a bit of advice needed. I have a sensor connected to Pin b.4, ADC 6, Comp 1, on a 20X2. I wish to use that pin for a read ADC10 and a Comparator interrupt, from that same sensor. Is this permissible? I was also wondering if its not a problem to issue the CompSetup command at...
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    Using Scratch Pad to store character data X2

    Hi people. I had an idea of using the 1024 bytes of scratch pad memory on an X2 chip, to store character data. I understand this data is volatile. But I required a large volume of character messages (50+, up to 12 average per message) for my current project. And the X2 Table feature is far too...
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    Custom font additions using Character based OLED, besides CGRAM

    Is it possible to load a custom 5 x 8 font or graphics to an Character mode OLED display. Parallel connection? I have not had any luck in Character mode so far. I thought I better ask before wasting any more time at what might not be possible. Thanks
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    SOUND command

    Has anyone found a work-around type thing. To change the amplitude or volume of the Sound beeps, through a command? Or can it only be done by driving the beeper with a PWMout command?
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    NOT command

    This may be a silly question.. Is there a way to express NOT > value or NOT < value? I'm aware of <> or != the value. However, I couldn't find a variation for - NOT greater than or NOT less than the value. My application (M2) requires a NOT, due to ADC read fluctuations that can't be overcome...
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    Electronically controlled water tank inlet flush unit

    Hi again guys, This is a project that I made a few years back. I actually have 2 of them operating on two tanks. The main disadvantage with a standard Water Tank 'First Flush', is that they don't get rid of enough debris from the water collection point and the organic matter that builds in...
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    Portable battery driven water pump

    Hi guys. This is a project I made to use for watering the Garden and Tree's through the drought we had recently. It made it much easier than running tens or hundreds of meters of hose from the main water line. While I do have a few small tanks around the property. I thought it might give an idea...
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    X2 vs M2 Pause times

    I have run a certain program with a 14M2 for long while. And today I load it to a 28X2. The specific part of the code that I noticed the change was a Flashing sequence, that included PAUSE's. Its the same code with the same clock speed, M16. But the flashing sequence on the X2, is at half the...
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    Midas vs Winstar 16x2 OLED

    I'm considering getting another 16x2 OLED display. So I download the specs of the Midas units. They appear to have some nice functions compared to Winstar. Like... smooth horizontal scrolling and line shift selection. Have any of you guys used one of these? To confirm that they will do these...
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    RTC with 2/3 day lenght time

    This is the first half a project that I started working on a month ago. Although it still works as a free standing unit at this point. The other part will be external with sensors. Plus I wanted to say a thanks to all you guys that have help me along the way, with many posts and snippets that I...
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    Bptr Symbol and S_W variable questions

    I'm wondering if there is a way to give a Bit Pointer locations a Symbol? The example below doesn't check out. But I was wondering if there is a way to do it, that I have missed. Symbol TEST = bptr = 50 Main: If @TEST = 1 then : Goto stuff Endif And also wondering if a Special Word variable...
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    Displaying Letters via lookup command

    Hi guys, I there a way to display Letters, when using lookup / pulsout. Rather than using a Serout command? I know of using - serout OLED, baud,(254,131,"",#hour,":",#minute,":",#second,"AM") But what I am wondering. Is there a way to place a Letter in the lookup...
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    20X2 vs M2 memory and slots

    The 20X2 only has one program slot. With 4096b in that slot. While the M2's also have a total of 4096b, in 2 slots. With 2048 bytes in each. I have had a few times when 2048bytes of memory on M2's, isn't enough. And using the second slot is somewhat inconvenient, because of the extra...
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    Reset variables when changing SLOT

    Is it a reasonable practice to Reset variables on a SLOT before the new slot is entered? I am using a 14M2 and want to use slot 0 and slot 1 as independent programs. Because of the way the change between the two takes place (on power up not power down), it isn't easy to do a reset before it...
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    AXE131Y 8x2 OLED 18M2 custom firmware

    To start with. The 18M2 on the OLED driver board does the job. But only in a simple way. I have found the basic commands rather lacking. In the way, that if you want the display to scroll, it scrolls both lines. Rather than just being able to scroll the top or just the bottom line. While...
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    Download errors

    Hi people, I have been having trouble of late with a program that I have upgraded. And have refined it quite a bit; plus also changed the hardware as well. I have been left chasing my tail for the last week with this. One of the new features I added, was a motor driver with a current shunt...
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    Re-enabling an interrupt outside the setint subroutine

    The title says it. The manual says it has to be done in the interrupt sub. But is there a way around doing it somewhere else in the program? My reason being. Is that I don't what the interrupt to be continuously triggered, until an input state of its pin changes within the program. Then I...
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    Using and output to power an 08M2

    Over the last year, I have increasingly found the need to run parallel picaxe's. In this current project. I am using a Hall sensor, like a rotary encoder. The problem I am having here, is the same as I often have. Not enough processor time to run everything else and count pulses from the hall...
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    M3 or X3 series

    I know this has more than likely been asked somewhere else before. Is Rev Ed working on another Picaxe release. i.e. An M3 or X3 series? I do understand that this is all dependent on the hardware available to do the work. It would just be great if Picaxe had 12bit or > resolution...