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  1. neiltechspec

    OLED (20x4) cursor position.

    It it's AXE133 or similar, then 254,128 is line 1 start 254,192 is line 2 start 254,148 is line 3 start 254,212 is line 4 start
  2. neiltechspec

    "hardware not found" with new USB to RS232 lead.

    I use a Silicon Labs CP2102 (£3.49 - eBay UK) with a hex inverter.
  3. neiltechspec

    A Maths Question

    Ended up using readadc10 & required calc. Updated the code above. Works well.
  4. neiltechspec

    A Maths Question

    Thanks hippy, look interesting. I'll try it on the H/W tomorrow. for info, entire code is here. #rem 7 Seg Com Anode display direct drive AFR Meter 0-5v, 7.3 - 22.4 AFR. (AFR = Volts *15.04/5+7.35) Display limited from min 10.0 to max 19.9 Using PICAXE20M2, V2, Jun 2022 Connections...
  5. neiltechspec

    A Maths Question

    Yet again I seem to be struggling with maths. Built a Wideband AFR guage that displays 0v to 5v as 10 to 20 AFR. This used, readadc sens,adc afr = adc*20/51+100 max 199 'max value limited to 19.9 bintoascii afr,b10,b11,b12 It worked well enough. Now I have changed the Lambda...
  6. neiltechspec

    lcd question with 18m2

    I use an FRAM (MB85RC256V) in my electronic speedo / odo. Make sure it's a genuine Fujitsu chip and not a cheap chinese clone. Writes to FRAM every 1/10 of a mile. Good for 10 to 12th power of write cyles - lotsa miles.
  7. neiltechspec

    Faulty AX133 serial display?

    Excellent to find the real cause of the problem, just unfortunate it's "toast".
  8. neiltechspec

    Faulty AX133 serial display?

    You aren't telling the cursor to move to line 2, or even telling it to start on line 1 either. (254,128,"line 1 text") (254,192,"line 2 text") You don't need 254,2.
  9. neiltechspec

    interfacing and programming the vk16k33 quad led driver with a picaxe via ic2

    That's where I saw it. Used the updated one many times myself. Thanks for sharing the code Alan.
  10. neiltechspec

    interfacing and programming the vk16k33 quad led driver with a picaxe via ic2

    Looking at the data sheet for the chip, no other pins are needed for I2C. It may be just for setting the device address, try a i2c scanner (on this forum somewhere !) with it high & low and see if address changes.
  11. neiltechspec

    Read Temp DS18b20 Parasitic Mode

    Yes, it is a .047F. It's just a simple method of running a DS18B20+ over two wires when that's what's left in the cable. 25 metres was a wild estimate, it's actually nearer 18 metres.
  12. neiltechspec

    Read Temp DS18b20 Parasitic Mode

    You didn't leave it long enough between reads. I have been using one over two wires (25m ish) for years, with a diode & .047F capacitor. About 5 seconds between reads. Just has the 4K7 pullup on on the PICAXE. I only had two wires left in the Cat5.
  13. neiltechspec

    External Resonator

    Just use 'setfreq m16'
  14. neiltechspec

    L293D chip doesn't appear to be working.

    Where did you get your L239 from, wasn't a well known auction site was it, if so it's more than likely a fake. Been there, got that T shirt !.
  15. neiltechspec

    I2C Problems communicating with DS3502 digital pot

    Why are you specifying i2cslave in main when you have i2c master in setup ?? #picaxe 08m2 #no_data setup: hi2csetup i2cmaster,$50,i2cfast,i2cbyte main: hi2cin 0,(b0) sertxd (#b0,cr,lf) pause 1000 goto main
  16. neiltechspec

    GSM modules with picaxe

    Try this.
  17. neiltechspec

    Vmusic2 cockrill

    254,128 line 1 254,192 line 2 254,148 line 3 254,212 line 4 Usually.
  18. neiltechspec

    28x2 serrxd question

    Think I answered my own question already.
  19. neiltechspec

    28x2 serrxd question

    Ok, then why does the manual say - 'Effect of Increased Clock Speed Increasing the clock speed increases the serial baud rate as shown below (non X2 parts). etc...' Or is it just an "error". Basically I want to capture incoming serial data at 9600 baud (inverted, which would be N9600_X on an...
  20. neiltechspec

    28x2 serrxd question

    Just a quickie question on serrxd on x2 chips. The manual is not clear what happens to baudrate with different clock speeds. Unlike non x2's where it is clearly shown. Anybody got any ideas?