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    You will be pleased to learn that all of his Picaxe projects and chips were boxed up and sent to someone in Ohio who will appreciate them and continue to use them, including a project of his I enjoyed that reads the temperature and broadcasts it acoustically in Morse code every 30 minutes from...
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    I am an old friend of Premena's, and I live about a mile away from him here in Boulder, Colorado, USA. Please consider this an official announcement of his passing. I believe he was 88 years old. He was an amazing, knowledgable and caring man, and he particularly cared a lot about the Picaxe...
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    Solar paddle boat idea.

    The heat will only drop a couple of volts maximum from the panel's output, and typical panels for 12 V systems are built with enough cells to still charge a 12 V battery when they're hot. One thing you have to be aware of is that PV panels are essentially current sources, meaning that without a...
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    Sunrise and Sunset calculation using an 08M2 :)

    Thank you, Jack. I'll dig into it.
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    Sunrise and Sunset calculation using an 08M2 :)

    Thanks AlleyCat. Excellent work. This may be part of the answer to my PV panel sun tracking needs. In order to use minimal energy and have minimal wear and tear on the positioner, I want a tracker that knows where the sun is supposed to be. I don't want the tracker wandering around chasing...
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    PicAxe Teaching System

    I repair test and measurement equipment, and I learned early on that understanding what a meter is actually measuring, (instead of what the indicator indicates,) is the most important aspect of using a meter.
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    Increase Outputs with Second Picaxe

    I think that every time I hear the word 'Gerber', ever since the first time I heard it in 1980.
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    Project with Picaxe28*2 randomly starts on its own

    With little essential circuit info to go on I will make an educated guess that you didn't provide bulk and noise (large and small) input capacitors on the 5 Volt regulator, nor modest sized filter capacitors on the output of the regulator on the Picaxe circuit board itself. So if that's the...
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    SX126x LoRa modules !

    Thanks for this, Manuka. I always like your highly detailed work.
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    Has PEBBLE Been Abandoned?

    270kA at what voltage? Just curious.
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    Water detect wire

    Another thought to add to the mix. I would use a FET or single-ended op amp circuit with as high an input resistance as practicable, (add small filter capacitors.) That limits current flow between the probes. You are likely getting some degree of electrolytic deposition occurring, so the less...
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    Maximum Digital Input Voltage of an M2 Chip?

    Just a note on design philosophy. If space and cost (large-scale production) considerations are not critical, I always try to do all signal conditioning off-chip, and not rely on built-in chip protections. I consider them a 'last resort' function that is best not counted upon on a constant or...
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    Lowe receiver interface.

    Good. It went to a good home. :)
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    Lowe receiver interface.

    Did you ever find a home for your Lowe HF-150, Jeremy?
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    Electronics - help needed please

    Just an aside. I've been known to use appropriate back to back diodes with pull-down resistors in order to get an output to read effectively zero volts.
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    Easy, Cheesy 433 MHz Radio Link

    420 MHz to 450MHz in the USA is a ham band.
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    Ember EM2420 Xceiver Modules

    I have access to several surplus Ember EM2420 transceiver modules: and was wondering if they were so obsolete (apparently the new ones are 3rd generation, while these are 1st generation,) as to make them undesirable to run data links with. Can...
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    Code for analyzing an arbitrary waveform

    I need coding help with the analysis of an arbitrary waveform. As usual for me, it was not difficult to prep the waveform in hardware so it is presented in a clean ttl level (0 to 5 V) format to be analyzed by a 28X2 PICAXE running at 64 MHz. However, after that things fall apart. I'm...
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    Meta list of most useful threads

    It occurred to me that, as I still often have difficulty with site searches, it would be very nice to have a list of links to those threads that other picaxers have found to be most helpful, for whatever reason. I could then make a "cheat sheet" listing of them and the nature of each thread (as...
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    Addition to the Editor

    I'd like to suggest adding a drop-down menu tab to the Editor that would list all of the commands and allow the user to quickly display the exact 'Manual 2' page describing each command selected. Opening the entire Manual 2 PDF and scrolling through it in order to find a given command is quite...