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    Strange HC-12 configuration

    Hi, I am having a strage experience with HC-12 configuration. If I set the configuration normally I get: Started PowerOnReset R:f[86][98][86][98][E6][98][18] (AT) R:f[86][98][86][98][E6][98][18] (AT+B4800) R:f[86][98][86][98][E6][98][18] (AT+V090) R:f[86][98][86][98][E6][98][18] (AT+F03)...
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    Cannot control ringing sound and loudspeaker in SIM900

    Hi, I have a SIM900 controlled by a PICAXE 28X2 and a loudspeaker (8 OHM) connected to the EPP female of the SIM900. When I call the SIM900 I get a very shrill ringing sound. When the 28X2 picks up the phone the ringing stops and I can very faintly hear the caller's voice in the loudspeaker...
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    Sim900 A6

    Hi, I have 2 Sim900 A6 connected to Picaxe 28X2 (with an AXE 033 LCD attached) and I power the 28X2 from the A6: VCC_IN on A6 to Picaxe Pin 20 (+V) GND on A6 to Picaxe Pin 19 (-V) U_TXD on A6 to Picaxe Pin 18 (hserin) U_RXD on A6 to Picaxe Pin 17 (hserout) The A6 is powered by a micro USB...
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    AT command

    Hi I should issue the command: at+clck="SC",0,"1111" and tried to do it with: hSerOut 0, ( "AT+CLCK=",$22,"SC",$22,",",#b10,",",$22,"0411",$22,cr) and i get ERROR What is wrong? By the way, I have a sim900 which will not connect to network (I think it should so automatically). All AT commands...
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    Configuring HC12

    Hi, I have been trying to configure 2 HC12 transceivers using a pgm I have used succesfully before on the 2 HC12s several times. I get "No response" (5 of them) or 5 identical answers containing mostly hex characters (the same every time). I have had the problem before a long time ago. This time...
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    NPN + PNP switch

    Hi, I have on Dec 3. 2019 had Ingelwoodpete's commentary concerning a hardware switch using a NPN transistor and a PNP transistor ( shows the diagram), which has worked OK. I am now taking a closer look at the switch. I have...
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    Inconsistant results of readadc10

    Hi, I have the following bit of code: high EnableSensor pause 60 setfreq M8 pause 400 readadc10 C.0, Value pause 200 setfreq K250 low EnableSensor sertxd ("Value: ",#Value,cr,lf) and I use it to read Value from a DFROBOT capacitive soil moisture sensor. I...
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    Cant make Sim900 run

    Hi, I have a pgm: #PICAXE 28X2 #Terminal 9600 sertxd ("Start",cr,lf) hSerSetup B115200_8,%001 pause 2000 MAIN: hSerOut 0, ( "AT",cr ) hSerOut 0, ( "AT+CMGF=1",cr ) hSerOut 0, ( "AT+CMGS=",$22,"+4581116757",$22,cr ) hSerOut 0, ( "Bla, bla"...
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    Problems with hserout/hserptr

    Hi, I have a pgm: #PICAXE 28X2 #Terminal 9600 hSerSetup B115200_8,%11 hSerOut 0, ( "AT",cr ) Sertxd (hserptr,cr,lf) do while ptr <> hSerPtr b0 = @ptrInc SerTxd ("RX", tab, #b0, tab, $22, b0, $22,cr,lf) loop which I cannot make work. I made a simpler version: #PICAXE 28x2 #Terminal...
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    Picaxe stops operating

    Hi, I have a setup where a sensor measures the humidity of earth, send signals to a Picaxe14M2 which then activates a valve that supplies water or stops the flow accordingly. I monitor the Picaxe by having wires sending signals to A27/my PC screen or alternatively having the Picaxe sending...
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    Timeout (again)

    Hi, I am operating 18M2 at freq. 16 (HC12BaudRate = T9600_16). I want a timeout period in real time of 23 sec. I should then set Timeout to 92000, right? I cant do that, so what to do? best regards torben
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    Hi, I have a problem with ADC reading of humidity: Supply voltage ADC reading calibadc10/Nref Caocul. supply voltage...
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    Hi, Can anyone point me to a step by step guide in connecting a picaxe (14m2) to a sim900 phone module? best regards torben
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    HC-12 response to AT-commands

    Hi, I cant make the AT-commands work on any of my HC-12s with any of my pgms which have been working until now. When I f.ex. run hippy's pgm: #Picaxe 14M2 #Terminal 38400 #No_Data Symbol HC12_SET = C.1 Symbol TX_pin = C.2 Symbol RX_pin = C.3 Symbol HC12BaudRate = T9600_32...
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    Hi, I have a statement in a pgm: Init_HC12 which is preceded by two macros: #macro Talk_HC12(msg) ; ; Send commands to the HC-12 ; sertxd ("CCCC",cr,lf) ;that we can get here before it sends its response. *****************...
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    communicatioin problems

    Hi, I have a module equivalent to: [code] #Picaxe 14M2 # Edit Post Quick reply to this message Reply Reply With Quote Reply With Quote Multi-Quote This Message Blog this Post Terminal 4800 Symbol TXpin = B.5 Symbol TXbaud = n1200 Symbol PreambleLength = 5...
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    Arduino 433 modules for Picaxe

    Hi, Can I use Arduino 433 MHz modules with rfout/rfin (manchester coding)? How? Are Dorji 433 Mhz ASK modules still readily available? They appear not to be. best regards torben
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    Hi, I want to set up a bluetooth connection between a sensor and Picaxe chip, and after checking the net and the forum I would expect hc-05 in connection with the chip and hc-06 in connection with the sensor. Is that OK? best regards torben
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    SDR testing 433 MHz antennas

    Hi, I bought the RTL-SDR from Amazon. I followed the instructions for installation (Windows 10) as shown on the manufacturer's home page and it went without a hitch. I also bought "The hobbyist's guide to the RTL-SDR" (Amazon/Kindle). With that I could easily handle the subset of the...
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    Hi, I want to measure swr for my antenna. How can I send continually with Picaxe? best regards torben