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    Bizarre 18X headscratcher

    Hi everyone I hope you are keeping well during the lockdowns. I've lost my job and possibly relationship, but at least I can use the time to work on some picaxe projects. I'm seeing the most bizarre thing happening with my old 18X I'm programming. In a breadboard, it's fine to download a simple...
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    PWM Jellyfish

    Thought I'd drop in as I'm making a copper jellyfish with four banks of LEDs that need PWMing... and all I have in my toolbox is a 20X2, a 20M2, and some 08M2s. THe four banks operate LEDs on the tentacles, and I want them to pulse at different rates, rather than all fading up and down together...
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    Using a double-DAC MAX519, with I2C

    Hi everyone, I have a simple project that I haven't quite managed to get working - I did a search on similar Maxim chips (517,518) but can't get sample code working there either. It's a simple project, a large brass and copper art piece in the form of a goldfish. The electronic part is the eye...
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    FVR and battery voltage

    Hi everyone. It's been about 5 years since I've been on here. I need a bit of guidance with FVRSETUP etc. Here's the project: a simple clap switch (works fine) based on an 08m2. It's run off a 4.2V Li-ion battery, and I'd like to keep an eye on the battery voltage, so I can alert if the battery...
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    Odd, never-before-seen EEPROM error

    Hi all, I've just encountered an error while programming a 40x2. Yesterday it was fine, today I've added a case statement at the end of the program, and it's come up with a bizarre error - saying I can't use EEPROM in an if-statement. The funny thing is, I'm not, and neither version of the...
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    New! Improved! Better, even! The Final Poll Part 2

    OK, so here's the poll done better, like. Good suggestion Hippy. Please feel free to vote again, and for other options this time. Kind regards, Barney
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    Your favourite PICAXE of all time?

    Curious as to which PICAXE folks have enjoyed the most over the years. Stan, for example, 08M I imagine. Me, the 18X. How about everyone else? (note - the poll only allowed 10 options so I chose 10 I *thought* might be the most popular......) Let's have it! :)
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    Just for Ham Radio folks

    OhmArt cartoons (prev:Just for Ham Radio folks) I won't bother folks with every electronics cartoon I do, but I really liked this one and thought there might be a few on the forum who are into this kind of sick, twisted, electronics humour. Enjoy!!! Kind regards, Barney
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    Other folks may have already heard about these little beggars; I've just found them - they look an interesting concept - espec. with VGA output and a pretty mean 80 MHz clock!
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    For sale?

    Hi everyone, I couldn't find a 'For Sale' section in our forum (do we actually have one?) so before I actually post a semi-commercial link, I thought I'd test the water. I've just completed a series of humorous electronics pictures which through a website can be put on T-shirts, cups...
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    433MHz, RX, input pin

    hi there, I'm having a bit of difficulty getting a 433 MHz RX module to read correctly on my 40X1. I'm wondering about a few things you might be able to comment on: 1. My 40X1 is running at 8MHz rather than 4MHz (readehearing?), 2. the RX is being read in through pin Input3. Is this OK, or does...
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    A quick thank you and Merry Christmas

    A very quick note while it's in my head - thank you to the PICAXE creators, moderators, and folk in the Forum. PICAXE as a whole has been a fun part of my life for the past few years and the support from all corners is always great. And, Merry Christmas from (sunny) New Zealand!
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    Programming editor bug (v 5.3.2)

    Hi Technical, just found a small bug in the editor On the PWMOUT wizard, I entered 60 as the value of Hz (without realising it might be a bit low). The editor threw an error message that said: "Runtime error 6 - overflow" (Is finding this worth a free picaxe ;-)
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    28Xs won't program...!

    Hi all, I have a couple of old 28Xs (16F873) that I cannot download a program to, or check the firmware of. Any other chip is fine - 08M, 18X, 28X1, etc. But not these 2 28Xs I've had sitting in the box for a while. I can program an 18X, fine, then try the 28X, no response, 18X again, fine...
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    Split personality IO pin on 08M

    I'm using a SMD 08M for a project and I"m a little short on IO. Not enough to use a bigger chip or an expander, but I'd like to do the following on 08M: For pin3, which is either an ADC, IN, or OUTPUT - when I switch it to be an output, it powers the 5V pin of a 433 TX module. When I change it...
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    3 yr old's MP3 player

    My 3 year old daughter wanted a "music box" like her older brother's, so I have made this for her (for Xmas). It's a 28x1 with serial LCD to a 24x2 LCD, connected to a VMUSIC2 module and a quaint old 128Mb usb drive. It has a stereo amplifier, with bass and treble, salvaged from an old PC...
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    Anyone used this OLED from mdfly?

    Part number: LCD-GR0104L At a few $ US, it might be quite PICAXE-able. A cute 96x96 display with 65K colours. Wow..
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    High quality amplifier (with PICAXE)

    Hi all, I've recently finished building a nice high quality amplifier based on National's LM3886T IC. It has some cool features like audio grade caps, solid copper bus bars between power caps, active tone control, a copper plated case, custom made and painted PCBs, etc so forth. Anyway...
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    Counting, frequency, Jeremy Leach

    This is a frequency counter question after reading Jeremy's neat code in I'm designing a simple frequency counter for use to 200MHz, most for FM radio work. I've factored in a 1.1GHz MC12080 pre-scaler, and with the...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone in the forum from me (Barney) in NZ. It's been a great year with the release of some new parts - the 20X2 in particular is a beautiful animal. Have a safe break and see you in 2010 for another year of AXEing.