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    Brain hurts..anyone bored..

    I always liked Fritzing but it's had no development or bug fixes since 2016, and there were still plenty of bugs left to fix…
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    ADC INPUT - DAC OUTPUT how can I smooth out the 32 steps.

    Since you're using an M2 part, you might be able to use the parallel task processing feature for this? Run your existing code in one task and have a second task dedicated to generating the 'PWM' on pin 13 using pulsout. I haven't played around with this feature myself so I don't know how well...
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    High Frequency Output

    Have you tried a simple relaxation oscillator with a couple of gates or inverters? For example this circuit. I think you should be able to reach the kind of speed you want as long as you use a 74HC132 instead of the 4093. Instead of the RUN/STOP switch you can use a PICAXE output to gate the...
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    Recommendations for soldering station

    Coincidentally I've just finished building my own soldering station. I've always liked the Antex element-inside-the-bit design but even their analogue-controlled soldering stations are a bit pricey, and hardly anything ever comes up on eBay. However the 50 watt iron for their soldering station...
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    DS2501/DS2502/DS2505/DS2506 1-Wire PROM?

    I just revisited this post to get the links to pass on to someone else and realised that I never reported back on the eBay adapter, which does work - at least, it persuades a Dell USB-C adapter dongle to recognise the power supply from my work HP laptop in order to charge my Macbook! One day...
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    DS2501/DS2502/DS2505/DS2506 1-Wire PROM?

    Hi all, Has anybody used PICAXE to program one of these devices? Any tales of success or failure or any top tips please? They are (allegedly) the device one can use to fool a Dell laptop into thinking it's plugged in to a Dell charger.
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    28X2 short low-power sleep?

    I want a 28X2 to pause or sleep for around 20 ms, during which time I want the outputs to maintain their state and hardware serial receive to continue working. What's the lowest-power way of achieving this? The manual entry for doze says: (my bold) - but the manual entries for settimer and...
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    AC input on 28X1 - OK with protection diodes?

    Thanks for the further responses - here's a schematic showing what I'm talking about. It's 6 V AC, not 9 V, fwiw. The power supply (everything apart from R1 and the PICAXE) is already constructed in one box, and the PICAXE circuit I'm now building on individual-pad board (what's the proper name...
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    AC input on 28X1 - OK with protection diodes?

    I'm building a project where I want to use the mains frequency for timing - my Picaxe 28X1 is running off 5 V and I have 9 V AC from the transformer. Space is tight so I want to limit component count if possible. If I just connect 9V AC to an input pin via a suitable resistor - 100K say - am I...