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    Real time serial port to EXCEL Anyone had this working with Picaxe? Code example?
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    Neat little COM port real time graph tool
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    Handy custom LCD character tool
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    Minimalist sound detector

    The Picaxe internal comparator can be configured as an op-amp. See this app note tip #12. Using a comparator this way is not ideal and will probably cause some harmonic distortion, but that's irrelevant with regards to a go/no-go sound detector. Neat huh? I'm not set up to try this ATM, but...
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    Old drives

    Anyone have any tips on how I can get a few old/unwanted/broken CD/DVD/HDD drives? I'd like to play with the motors. :)
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    Cheap addressable sound sample player

    I'm open to suggestions for my next probably-never-complete-it project. I play a weekly RPG (pencils and dice) game, and I figure why not make it easier with an electronic dice that can be easily configured for any probability. Easy yes? Ok, so I've purchased a couple of nice big blue 7-Seg...
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    Detect events within time interval

    Questions about this sort of thing arise from time to time, so I've written this generalized routine that should work for most people. In this example, it detects when 3 events occur within any 10 seconds. Change the Events constant and the Interval constant as required. Uses the M2 parts system...
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    Oversampling notes

    Interesting PDF document on oversampling, averaging and increasing ADC resolution. It's aimed at AVR users, but the information is applicable to all microcontrollers. It's a bit technical, but interesting none the less. Found it on this page, while following a link posted by Radiogareth in this...
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    Interesting chip. 32 LED driver. SAA1064 Two of these will drive a 4x4 LED cube directly (no resistors). LED current set in software. Picaxe just decides the pattern and...
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    Startup kit. This looks like a pretty good deal.
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    Cheap ultrasonic range sensor £1.37 ! Amazing.
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    Cheap I2C LCD module
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    Easy 5v for portable Picaxe projects
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    Conductive paint adds possibilities...
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    Wow. That's a big one.
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    Picaxe Li-Ion power with integrated USB charging.

    This: + This...
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    Mad but brilliant.
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    OT: Bench PSU 'kit'

    Adjustable voltage up to 22v, adjustable current limiting up to 5 Amps. 110 Watts. <£20 :) +...
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    OT:Nice controller Looks sweet. I'm sure it could be pressed into many Kinds of service. I'm a bit short right now or I would have ordered one. Even though I have no immediate use for it :)
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    Bargain Picaxe power. Regulated 5v from single AA. If you need it to last longer. No reason why you can't hack it onto a D cell holder.