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    DS2501/DS2502/DS2505/DS2506 1-Wire PROM?

    Hi all, Has anybody used PICAXE to program one of these devices? Any tales of success or failure or any top tips please? They are (allegedly) the device one can use to fool a Dell laptop into thinking it's plugged in to a Dell charger.
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    28X2 short low-power sleep?

    I want a 28X2 to pause or sleep for around 20 ms, during which time I want the outputs to maintain their state and hardware serial receive to continue working. What's the lowest-power way of achieving this? The manual entry for doze says: (my bold) - but the manual entries for settimer and...
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    AC input on 28X1 - OK with protection diodes?

    I'm building a project where I want to use the mains frequency for timing - my Picaxe 28X1 is running off 5 V and I have 9 V AC from the transformer. Space is tight so I want to limit component count if possible. If I just connect 9V AC to an input pin via a suitable resistor - 100K say - am I...