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    Forum server was down around 0100Z to 0200Z 07 February 2014

    Couldn't connect or ping the forum URL, but other related sites were up and running OK.
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    Infra Red Remote bit banging mischief maker

    Hello bit bangers, some strategic advice please, if you will. I have a LED020 IR sensor (from Tech Supplies) and have fed the output to a Logic analyser which seems to indicate that the framing from the family TV STB remote control has pulses that are either 0.9mS or 1.8mS in duration, with a...
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    I'm tempted - nice price - Rigol UK DS1052E scope I can hear Santa coming already . . . :cool: Anyone have any first hand experience?
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    LEDs as light sensor inputs

    Has anyone any direct experience of using LEDs as light sensors using PICAXE chips connected to an ADC input? Has anyone managed to use such LEDs as both input and output devices in an interleaved fashion, so that the input level is able to determine some facet of the output level, possibly...
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    Parachute jump from High altitude balloon

    Felix Baumgartner > 128,000ft 18:07z left capsule and hit 729mph Chute opened and descent normal after approx 4mins 09secs. Well done Felix. I bet he had a PICAXE in his pocket!
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    Sacre Bleu - the localisation seems to have suffered today - Franglaise Rocks NOT

    Hello Admin, It would appear that some of the titles and textual furniture of the forum are today being displayed in French rather than English. I presume that there is Localisation so that Francophiles can see French embellishments. In case it is a case for celebration, you are advised that...
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    Burnette QBF Generator rebirth Correct title ASCII Test Generator - sorry Ray. I have been playing with Ray Burnette's Picaxe 08M2 Quick Brown Fox Generator. Thank you Ray. I have modified the codet to send a callsign ident with a serial...
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    Part time servo power - not recommended for aerial vehicles . . .!

    Wishing to operate a micro servo to open a small grating, with one open and one close each day, for a period of up to fourteen days. (approx 90 degrees of servo motion) when the device will be removed from service for potential use elsewhere. Understandably between operations I don't want to...
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    DS18B20 temperature sensor - powering from Picaxe port

    Something that I picked up from a comment by Hippy in the last couple of days. Powering the DS18B20 from a Picaxe output pin. I am interested in in the concept of powering the sensor/s only at or about the time of reading, but do have a few questions. I understand the max sink current to be...
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    Port nomenclature and the thinking behind it?

    This has to be one for Hippy, Dippy or Technical I feel. With the exception of the 28X1 and the 40X1 port A appears not to be used. Would I be out of order, fine by me, to ask for a quick potted history of why ports were numbered as they were. Excluding the straight numbers and the in.number...
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    SQL update gone awry? New posts 29 July 14:34

    I suspect that Admin at 14:34 had an SQL event, resulting in the following, and more, to appear in the "New Posts" listing. The clue in following the links is the "Ipsum . . ." text; which suggests that either my timing was just SO to catch a temporary transaction result or a Friday after...
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    Student project - documentation inconsistencies #1

    @Hippy, For what it's worth, whilst browsing I noticed the following inconsistency: Picaxe Home > Datasheets > Exemplar Student Projects Fish Tank Heater On the circuit diagram, the Picaxe 18 shows “in 1” from the Serial temperature firmware, and “out 1” to the green LED on leg 7 of the IC...
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    Multiple DS18B20 and Picaxe 08M/08M2

    I would like to operate four DS18B20 with a Picaxe 08M chip, but there are only three i/o ports 1, 2 and 4. Is it possible to run two DS18B20 from one pin with the readtemp command or is the protocol limited by the implementation in the interpreter? If it is possible how would I be able to...
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    Logic level FET

    I am making a small incubator using a 12V 20W halogen lamp as the element, controlled by a Picaxe 08M. I have a logic level N channel FET type STP36NF06L 60V 30A, which is a bit of overkill, but a generalised solution that has a little headroom to spare for slightly larger applications. I am...
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    SUSE Linux AXE027 USB from LinAXEpad - problem

    OS Linux i686 System:openSUSE 11.0 (i586) modprobe and udevcontrol are both located in /sbin/ not / as expected in the AXE027.pdf instructions. /Dev/ttyUSB0 appears to be the only ttyUSB device on the system. From the options box, port tab, pressing the AXE027...