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    lecture de potentiomètre

    @Technoman: Je suis d'accord avec vous, mais mes montages sont trop éphémères pour mériter d'être soudés.
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    lecture de potentiomètre

    En changeant de breadboard, ça va mieux: 253 255 253 255 254 254 255 255 254 255 changing value 250 252 248 245 248 253 249 250 248 247 changing value 221 218 221 220 219 221 218 223 218 221 changing value 187 189 189 187 185 186 189 186 186 189 changing value 156 156 157 154 153 153 157...
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    Display Data using Processing Graphics Engine

    If you mean the thing for spinning 3D teapots and rabbits, then, yes.
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    lecture de potentiomètre

    J'ai dit une bêtise. readadc10 est sur 10 bits et donc b3 ne varie que de zéro à trois. b2 contient les autres 8 bits. Du coup je n'ai pas de lecture stable non plus.
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    lecture de potentiomètre

    Bonjour, Pour une résolution de 256 bits il ne faut regarder que b3 dans la fenêtre Debug. b2 gigote tout le temps parce que trop sensible (65535 bits).
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    "hardware not found" with new USB to RS232 lead.

    Maybe try your luck with an inverter first?
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    No CODE MODE at

    Why not? This whole thread is proof that Google has done just that.
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    New Picaxe 08M2s not labelled?

    Have a close-up look at the chips sold on-line in the picaxe store. 08M2s have the picaxe name and 20X2s have the pic name. The mystery is why?
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    Reprogram Axe027 to 6001 PID

    The linux FTDI module has 846 vid/pid combinations listed. 0x403/0xbd90 is not one of them. That's one of the many good reasons to make your own cable.
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    Bon à savoir à propos du Picaxe 28X2

    Bonsoir, Des explications ici
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    AXE027 or from PH's link, choose FT_PROG You'll need Windoze, though.
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    picaxe to lcd display, not do-able

    It's not possible.
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    Signal OSE barriere photo electrique et Picaxe

    C'est pas le boulot du capteur, ça?
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    connecting and programming lcd displays connected to a picaxe 18m

    @B4Lamb: This is where the "Bonjour Enfin!!" (LCD with backpack on 08M2) program came from: The site is in french, but google translate should be able to handle that. There's a program for reading and displaying potentiometer values...
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    connecting and programming lcd displays connected to a picaxe 18m

    IMHO = In My Humble Opinion. It's usually used by people who know what they're talking about but don't want to sound cocky. It's not a humble opinion at all, it's the statement of a fact. I don't have a humble opinion. I intervene here when I've done what the asker wants to do. The best...
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    connecting and programming lcd displays connected to a picaxe 18m

    They all say that! Are they a secret, or can you share them? Probably everyone who didn't buy stupid lcd's... :) Then have a look at this thread Mortifyu's emphasis that his code DOES work leads me to think he couldn't get mine to work. I did...
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    Losing hours over stupid lcds

    Hello, Ages ago, I bought a couple of cheap, non-stupid lcd screens. I wired them up to see if they worked, and they did. I haven't touched them since. One is with the backpack and is connected to a 08M2. The other is without the backpack and is connected to a 20X2. Both are covered in dust...
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    Issue with AXE027 driver for windows 10 ( does not allocate a virtual COM port ? )

    I'm not a Windows user, so I have no way of testing this suggestion: I think you could immunise yourself against any more Windows cockupgrades by changing your cable's PID to the default 6001, and using the default FTDI driver (not the Picaxe driver).
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    Is PICAXE support for Mac officially dead?

    Let's not lose sight of who caused all this trouble. The world's wealthiest business that can't be bothered to make life easier for its customers. I was going to suggest creating a linux live usb stick to boot into, and use LinAXEpad for programming. Apple make it so difficult even Linus...