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    No 5mm stereo programming jack?

    Hello, My VSM version is 7.10 SPO (Build 12325). I think this version is my second or third upgrade, so I was quite surprised to find that it doesn't include a stereo jack model Picaxe uses for programming. Does the new version include it? Thanks, Chris
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    VSM Upgrade

    Every now and then I get the itch to play with blank PICs in VSM. I really don't know why because a Picaxe is such a painless system that provides the user nothing but pure joy. That said I guess life has to have some pain now and then so we can truly appreciate the joyous moments. ;) Anyway...
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    Symbol Problem

    I'm working with the code below which works fine as it is. The last two arguments in the SerOut command translate as follows... 254 = Switch LCD to "Instruction Mode" 192 = Print the next Rx data to Line 2 starting at position 1. I would like to replace 254, 192 with a Symbol (NewLine) but no...
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    PE6 Program Editor and Assembly Code Generation

    Below is what my conception of a programing Interpreter is. The first block being the Interpreter as apposed to a Compiler. Yes, I realize that the Picaxe system does not follow this procedure, as Hippy has described. In this case I'm talking about blank PICs only. Not Picaxe, Arduino's or any...
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    Create Sub-Circuit

    I've been using Tina for years now but it doesn't support Picaxe chips so I'm forced to use Picaxe VSM, which is a clunky app in comparison. I've made hundreds of Macros and Sub-Circuits in Tina but I'm clueless about doing it in VSM. Can anyone out there help? Yes, I've read the help files to...
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    Playing With Blocky

    A few weeks back I downloaded the update for my Beta version of PE6. Along with it came the Blocky option. So today I thought I'd play with it just to see what it's all about. After about an hour or two of fun and games this is my opinion... While I don't think anything will replace my...
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    Count Command Not Working

    I'm obviously missing something here but I would expect W1 in the following code to = 0 until it sees 8 pulses within a period of 5 seconds. I'm simulating the pulses by click toggling C.1 in the simulator. For some odd reason W1 = 32000 immediately after starting the simulator, whether or not...
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    westaust55 tutorial on the mcp23017

    Hi, I've read multiple references to the topic title but no links to it. Anyone have a link to it? Thanks, Chris
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    Using Single pin to drive 4 Relays? Possible?

    No garantee that this is correct because I drew it from the photo found on ebay. So it's a virtual ringout 4 Ch Relay Module I didn't have the LPC817C Opto (which has 4 pins) so ignore the base pin and the Opto pinout in my schematic. I'm surprised that the opto's LED limiting resistor is 1K...
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    Alternate Piicaxe Programming Circuit

    Hippy, I've attached my cleaned up and sped up code including my most current test circuit built on an Axe090 experimenter board. Note that PinC.5 is held low when S1 is (closed) in Programming Mode. It stays low until Break is received. Note that when you simulate it you will see (what...
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    Alternate Piicaxe Programming Circuit

    For those interested in the alternate programming test circuit using the code in my last post, I've attached a schematic. Chris
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    Alternate Piicaxe Programming Circuit

    My current Picaxe project involves replacing an unlabeled 12F series SMD chip with a 08M2(SMD) chip. The 12F uC is located on an electronic bike horn with 5 selectable tones that are selected by pressing the ToneSelSw shown in the attachment. As you can see, this switch is utilizing the SerIn...
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    CommPort Test In V

    I'm curious.. I only have USB ports on my PC, so the prompt screens seen throughout the COM port - Configure & Test wizard are what I'd expect to see, including the voltage test (0V & 5V) using the active "Click LED" window. My question is if I had a real Serial Port and selected it in the first...
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    Surface Mount Picaxe

    Does Picaxe have any plans to provide their chips in surface mount (SMD) versions? I'm darn near 70 so I can't wait too long. :D Thanks, Chris
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    Editor 6 Simulation Speed

    I'm probably just missing it but I haven't found the simulation speed adjustment. There are times when I'd like the simulator to run as fast as possible. Thanks, Chris
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    Scope Giving Odd Results Reading PauseuS

    I was testing my new (renewed) VSM on M2 parts but I'm getting very odd results with this basic code. The Scope indicates high sate = 200uS and low state = 300uS. I doubt that the picaxe is at fault. As you can see the frequency 50KHz (1/T) and the duty cycle which should be 50% are grossly in...
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    Convert Basic To Assembler Error

    I've read through all the threads that were returned while searching for similar issues of my title but none of them quite fit what I'm experiencing. According to the other threads the Picaxe wizard is looking for a file named WSTAMP16.EXE. This file is located @ C:\Program Files...
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    ReadADC10 Example??

    Since my download of M2 software I seem intent on finding confusing data in the pdfs, as evidenced by some of my recent posts. Well, here's another one pasted from page 171 of Picaxe_Manual2.pdf titled 'Basic Commands'. main: readadc10 C.4,w1 ; read value into b1 debug ; transmit to computer...
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    SerOut - M2 Parts

    The pdfs for the 08M2 & 14M2 parts indicate only one valid pin for SerOut. The 08M2 shows C.0 and the 14M2 indicates B.0. Yet the editor doesn't throw an error and the sims run normally if I choose other pins. What gives? Thanks
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    Problem With 'Read' Function

    For some odd reason the Read function doesn't pass any data. I've copied and pasted sample code from the Picaxe manual but Nada? Main:For B0 = 0 to 63 Read B0,B1 ' read b0 into b1 Note, does notwork! SerOut B.7,N2400,(B1) Next B0