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    Position sensing

    ...of a model train. Hi folks, Does anyone have any practical experience of locating trains automatically on a model railway? The purpose would be automating the running of the railway, such as the routing of trains, signalling, etc. The first requirement is that the hardware needs to be kept...
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    14M2 interrupt error in model

    I'm trying to detect a low input on either pin C.0 or pin C.1 using the interrupt thus: SETINT OR 0x00, 0x03 This simulates correctly in PE6.0.9.3, but completely misbehaves in the mixed signal environment. I'm hoping that the solution will be a fairly simple update to the AXE14M2.MDF model...
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    PC to PICAXE communication

    Hi all, I'm moving into an area in which I have no technical experience. A search of this forum's database hasn't thrown up anything useful, and so I'm hoping for assistance from anyone who may have already been down this particular route. I am looking to control a number of PICAXE28X2s from my...
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    18M2 shared data and programme memory

    Hi all, Can I check that I understand the rules on memory usage for an 18M2? The compiler reports that the programme uses 2025 bytes, and this contains instructions to write to EEPROM addresses 0x00 to 0x0B inclusive (as well as READ and WRITE instructions for the same addresses). According to...
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    Pre-processor output file.

    Hello all, I've been generating this output file when compiling for a long time now, and it has been working without any problems. Until today. The compiling still works fine, that's no problem, but now WordPad just opens an empty window and a separate error window telling that it cannot locate...
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    Verification error

    Can anything specific be gleaned from the error message: ? It's from an 18M2, and I get the above message whenever I try to programme it in situ in a project board. Removing the chip and programming it in the development board (AXE091?) succeeds, but then the chip behaves nowhere near as...
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    SERVO command and TIME variable

    Hi all, The situation in brief: I'm using a 14M2 to control a servo motor. Said motor sometimes glitches, not always, but when it does then regularly every few seconds. I'm accessing the TIME variable, but not using SETTIMER commands. I've read the section in the manual about potential...
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    Setint or

    Hello all, Just to double check my understanding of this command. Device in question is a 14M2 and the exact command I'm using is: SETINT OR 0x06, 0x07 My understanding is that this will interrupt when either of C.2 or C.1 are high or C.0 is low, or perhaps more pertinently in the...
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    Pulse generation and measuring.

    I'm trying -- and at the moment, failing -- to generate and measure a pulse of accurate width. The set up is very simple: using a 40X2, pull up pin B.7 using a 10k resistor. I'm also using port A to display a couple of register values using a bank of LEDs. Please see the attached code and note...
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    Simulating DAC behaviour in the 20M2

    Does the VSM model for the 20M2 include the DAC functionality to pin 19? Unloaded, pin 19 refuses to move at all from V=WLO. Even trying to force it directly, using HIGH A.0, makes no difference. Thanks for any help, Roger.
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    Background 'hserin' receive cannot currently be simulated! [U1_U1]

    That's the error message I get when trying to simulate a background receive using HSERIN. I presume that the error message is generated because the VSM model doesn't support this behaviour; is this correct? It's sad to say that the combination of unsupported behaviour and bugs in the model...
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    Interrupt not interrupting.

    Hello all, I'm hoping for some assistance in solving a problem that I suspect has become my not being able to see the wood for the trees. The example attached is the simplest that I have been able to reduce the problem to, while still keeping the functionality I need and the problem visible...
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    Quick interrupt question.

    Hi all, Hopefully, with a simple definitive answer. Is it possible to set and invoke an interrupt from within the interrupt subroutine or do you have to return from the interrupt subroutine before you can interrupt again? Thanks for any help? Roger.
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    Incorrect return value from NCD function in VSM models

    This affects both the PICAXE28X2 and PICAXE40X2 VSM models; others may be affected but I don't intend to use them and so haven't tested anything else. Neither have I tested actual silicon -- at this stage I'm assuming the problem is just in the models. Please download the attachments and run the...
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    PICAXE / ISIS versions compatability.

    Hi all, The PICAXE VSM delivery includes ISIS v7.10 SP0. I've completed a project using this and all was well. However, on my next project I'm running into difficulties on the ISIS side, and resolving them may not be so easy since ISIS v7 is obsolete and no longer supported by Labcenter. One...
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    Flashing LED game.

    My first PicAxe project, and the completion of something that has been part built and busy gathering dust at the back of a cupboard for more than a decade. It's not very useful in itself, basically just mild entertainment, but it's enabled me to get to grips with PicAxe on something that's...