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    Weather Station

    I've just seen that Rev-Ed used to sell the Mexican (I think) manufactured what was the Texas Instruments weather station. It enables wind speed, direction and temperature (18B20) so really easy to link to a PICAXE for a comprehensive station. It's shame they are out of production :( They were...
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    Useful Code Examples - e.g. Bargraph, large characters on an LCD/OLED

    Hi Folks, see this link for some useful PICAXE code examples of big characters on an LCD display such as a 20x4, or a very useful bargraph :
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    Parity check - 18M parts

    Has anyone figured out how to conduct a simple parity check with the 18M2 part. Easy with X2 parts becuase they have the NOB - Number Of Bits command. I have my MSF receiver getting and displaying time, but I'm trying to stop it updating a DS1307 RTC when there are reception errors. If the...