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    Detecting LED colors

    OK... Picaxe attached to an LDR or PhotoTransistor can detect presence of light an even How much light... but... how can I detect the color of that light? Some sealed meter, have two multicolor LED to show status and functions... even a beacon flash "I'm alive" kind of... but the real problem...
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    Rain Sensor

    Not Picaxe inside, but working I made this Rain Notifier a few years ago... and still working... Just cut a bottle of soda in angle, keep the neck and cap, drill a small hole on a side of the cap to enable spill and insert 2 stainless wires close enough to hold a droplet in between. Connect the...
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    Koi Pond protector

    Hi Dave: Maybe you want use a SSR style interface to get rid of those relays for 220v C.U. Pals :cool:
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    Measuring water level in bucket

    Simple solution OK... this is the simplest soluton... and cheapest. Pic about Post #29 Then, please tell us how you go. C.U Pals.
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    Perforated Keycard Switches

    Hi pals... Anyone has played with holed keycard switches??? Just, a friend come with the need of recycle this kind of light switches that uses a perforated plastic card to activate it... Some (several) years ago, I use to make some installations of this devices, but in those years, the card make...
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    Interesting Wireless Picaxe Control

    220v Safe interfacing Interfacing 220v must be done with EXTREME care... (Killing Power) So I design some years ago this little ISOLATED box and drive it from Picaxe in many Projects The box itself is a standard electronic box PVC from electronic supplier, rated to 380v The cable plugs are...
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    Forum Notifications (PM's)

    Top Right " Settings" then My account settings ... see attachment 2 C U pal... Usually Generals don't like follow orders from non-militar people, but you're the BOSS, so, face the General, HIT IT and make obey you... Oh!... What General?... Of course... the "General " Settings... LOL;););)
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    Forum Notifications (PM's)

    PM-Mail Config Hi... have you configured it correctly? (PM alerts) Check the attachment C.U Pal...
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    Gadget to make speech an elevator each floor and up /down status

    Hi pals: I made several gadgets until now, but the tricky part in this one is... everything !!! Cannot mess with the infraestructure or installation (Safe & Insurance Limitations) Cannot grab power from lines ( maybe a Ni-Mh batt with solar panel to recharge from inside light )...
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    Discotheque fog machine driver.

    This project was made for one local "Disco", they want one kind of timer to automatic drive the fog machines, with one override push button to make manual activation, the four devices must operate at same time in certain situations (Fog/smoke "cascade" in Happy hour)so, the gadget must be set...
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    Blindman Traffic Lights (two pins for three lights)

    Blindman Traffic Lights (two pins for three lights) This projects was made to one private-neighborhood. To meet the regulations, they must provide some safe crossing pathway for childs, adults and blindmans. So I make this project using only two pins for three lights + activation button +...
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    Adc Pin "duplicator"

    When I need 2 ADC and have only one available, I use some "branching trick" for duplication (or even triplication) putting one relay and chaining the common gate to ADC pin, so when active (n/c) read one Analogic device, and when release (n/o), read the another analogic device, giving me two (or...
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    Consultas sobre Picaxe en ESPAÑOL

    Si tienes alguna duda y no puedes hallar la respuesta en el manual, o no entiendes como buscarla, pregunta aqui, en este hilo de consultas en español... :)
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    Error PicaxeProgrammer 5.1.5 related to pin0

    ************* Picaxe Programming Editor version 5.1.5 (Syntax DLL 131072) Picaxe 08/08M If you put <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'>symbol outrelay = pin0 </font></pre></code> Or even =&gt; <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'>High pin0 </font></pre></code> or =&gt...
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    Cleanup / Update

    ********** The Spanish side of the website NEED one Cleanup/Update <External Web Link> Some links are lost or broken, <External Web Link> Program download link show version 3.3.2 (16mb) I'm translating some of the Datasheets and manual to help with that, but I think YOU must give me the...
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    Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer

    **************** Hi: Anyone deal with some Three Axis Low-g Micromachined Accelerometer??? is for a project of self stand robotics toys, Picaxe Controlated.(Of course <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>) I found several chips but... Here a couple of datasheets: <A...
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    HeartBeat sensor

    ********* Hi Pal's I've noticed about some heartbeat devices can detect a person in range... or maybe one animal. I want to know how can be possible, and make some gizmo PICAXE powered by manage that. Aplication? well... maybe be more effective than PIR's in alarms devices, or in animal &...
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    So what's you testing here? <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle>
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    &quot;silent&quot; Multi Alarm Reminder Gadget Here is the thing: I need build some gadget-gizmo to do.... Silent reminders at certain hours. So here the explanation. Need one Smallest piece of artwork, so the clock must be "blind" (no display at all) and when say "silent" remind mean...
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    Spanish translation PDF

    Some PDF in spanish are unavailable or download with errors, I try in 3 differents spots (home, work, cybercafe) same result, come with 2k lengt and not be displayed. Those are: Alarm Clock_es.pdf axe001_assembler_es.pdf axe001_basic_commands.pdf axe001_flowcharts_es.pdf axe001_mode_es.pdf...