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    Double slip switch (Model train)

    Hello again, All! My new project is a double slip switch on a garden railroad. I have decided to use the Axe020 board on this project. I have 8 inputs, 2 from each switch machine, either/or. One position is straight (green) the other position is divergent (red). I figure I have 32 output...
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    Hi all. I'm nearing the completion of my project. I desperatly need help with a bargraph. I found a code for basic Stamp by Scott Edwards, that I'm trying to convert to Picaxe. The simulator is showing a syntax error on line 64. Can someone help clarify? I am trying to display an ADC input so...
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    Current sensing

    Hi all. I'm working on a project that is 90% complete. It's the last 10% that's giving me grey hair. I'll try and lay this project out first then ask the questions I need help with. Project: Sequential battery charger. I've got a 6vdc / 12vdc with charge and float. Charge is connected to...
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    Ammeter with Maxim 4172

    Hi all. I'm working on an ammeter using Maxim's High side current monitor. It seems to be a really slick chip. I've managed to calibrate the output with reference to a quaility ammeter.The readings I get are: 1.804vdc out with respect to .1804 Amps. The chip's power comes from the same power as...
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    Lcd displying numbers

    Hi all. I'm sort of new to the programming game. Boy what a learning curve. I understand ladder logic better than basic. Anyway, I've got an idea to turn on 12 jfets, in order from 1 to 12. using a picaxe28X2 and out putting the jfet number to a 20x4 serial lcd. Using the simulator, I've got the...