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    eeprom command within case structure

    Just modified some code to save data into eeprom so it can be used between power downs and go this compiler error: eeprom 112,(4) ^ Error: EEPROM cannot be used within If blocks This looks fairly fatal for this construct. Couldn't find it documented anywhere, is there any...
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    Timing long periods whilst polling with serin

    I have an RFID tag reader (based on marks code snippet) which is reading serial data from an RDM6300. The reader is being used to detect presence of one of two cats and dispense food depending on which one it is. To calculate the food requirements, I need to track the total time over a 24 hour...
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    'Table' commands - which chips?

    I was originally going to reply to this thread, but think a new thread is more suitable. Can someone explain exactly which chips the 'table' commands work with? Programming Editor (5.5.0) 'Quick Syntax checker' states: Command Chips applies to table 20X2, 28X2,40X2, 28x1, 40X1 tablecopy 14M2...
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    Driving JY-LKM1638 from 08M2

    Ok, thanks Nick. I obviously had finger trouble before:o Code tags now give me a friendly message stating I am trying to upload 17,000 odd characters, please reduce to under 10,000. Here is the .bas file
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    Driving JY-LKM1638 from 08M2

    @Russ I am not sure what I should have done here. I thought a pdf was the 'best' way of uploading the code, however having tried to get it back into PE, perhaps it is not. (how do you select the whole of a pdf document:confused:) Anyway, as a slight improvement I have printed it again with...
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    DealExtreme 7 Segment (plus) Display

    Display Brightness I have to agree, the documentation available leaves a bit to be desired :rolleyes: The display brightness value has to be between $88 (min) and $8f (max). This is a copy of the code used in the final project Here you will see the range of values for brightness and that...
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    Driving JY-LKM1638 from 08M2

    Final construction This is a picture of the project in its final box
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    Driving JY-LKM1638 from 08M2

    Knobs for the pushbuttons I ended up using these 'knobs' for my push buttons (SW050) On the bottom of the knob I do a few turns with a 4mm drill to 'round' off the square so it sits on top of the push button slightly better. To stop the knob coming out the top of the panel I have used a...
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    Driving JY-LKM1638 from 08M2

    Photos Breadboard and JY-LKM1638 module showing maximum recorded temperature on the right. (The strange looking 'slug' to the right of the breadboard is the DS18B20 'sleeved' together with a strip bulb to test the temperature control) More photos...
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    Driving JY-LKM1638 from 08M2

    PICAXE driver for JY-LKM1638 multi display module Originally inspired by this thread I thought the following may be useful for others. Although not finished regarding the hardware, I thought the code may be useful for others who...
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    08m2 i/o

    I think I know the answer to the following question, but feel obliged to ask on here to ensure I have investigated all options. From the Microchip datasheet for the 08M2 I concluded I could use c.5 as an output pin (c.3 is the input...
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    08M2 Reset

    I am running a program in an 08M2 on the AXE091 development board. If I leave the computer connected via the download cable with the PICAXE program running, shut down the PC and then power it up, the 08M2 is reset. As the 08M2 does not have a reset pin, I do not understand how this is...
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    Manual updates

    Being relatively new to PICAXE I have posted several questions for clarification about commands from Manual 2 V7.8. Today I wanted to clarify what to do with the address in a READ or WRITE with a word variable. There is no example of using the word variable in the manual. The top 5 entries in...
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    DealExtreme 7 Segment (plus) Display

    Working DealExtreme 7 segment module Thought the following may be useful for others. Using the translated datasheet found by Westaust55, I have managed to get the module to do something useful;). The attached program, allows control of all the 7 segment displays and LEDs. It also reads all...
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    pin / outpin clarification

    Having struggled with the concepts of pin and outpin, I hope someone can assist. The following code simulates and runs correctly on chip #picaxe 18m2 #no_data dirsb = %11111111 ;Set port b as output dirsc = %00000000 ;Set port c as input symbol dataout = b0 ;w0 and bit 0 to bit 7 symbol pad =...
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    M2 pin naming / direction

    Having just acquired an 18M2 (from an 18X) , I am desperately trying to get my head around the and notation. I have taken Technical's quote in #10 of this thread as my crutch (its on the wall!) Then I also have to understand port direction!! I cannot find an example of...
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    AXE033 User manual / Character set

    I have been using the AXE033 happily for some time and decided to 'improve' the display output by adding a degree symbol. The User Manual (V4.3) shows the degree symbol in appendix B as $B2. This however produces another character. I found from the forums that the actual character is produced...
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    Eavsdropping DS18S20 protocol

    I am trying to analyse an extremely intermittent fault on my Boilermate 2000 central heating system. It basically uses a micro-controller to control the pumps and receives input from 3 temperature sensors. I suspect one of the temperature sensors is faulty but very intermittent. I have...