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    Hi Everyone, I know this subject is been discussed many times before but I felt the need to bring it up again. Is the PICAXE system becoming stagnant..?? I surely hope not because using PE6 and the simulator is so easy and a real pleasure compared to other environments. The PICAXE team has done...
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    Easy 4 digit LED display

    The TM1637 LED display is widely available, cheap, and an easy way to add a four digit LED display to a PICAXE project. Borrowing code from the link below I wrote a version which runs much faster and the code size is reduced. It has been tested from 4 to 32 mhz on M2 parts and also at 64 mhz on...
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    WWVB Atomic Time with a PICAXE 08M2

    Inspired by other threads that decode time signals I decided to give it a spin. Ordered a WWVB/MSF receiver from PV Electronics in the UK and put together a small breadboard system. The receiver works great and it should since I live within 120 miles of the transmitter. The pulses are clean and...
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    Can't post new thread..??

    I've been trying to post a new thread to the finished projects section but the connection resets and it won't go through. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem..??
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    fvrsetup on 20X2...??

    Of course the compiler on PE6 will not accept any kind of a fvrsetup on the 20X2. I'm wondering if there are any 'workarounds' to be able to use the internal 1.024, 2.048, 4.096 refs for the ADC channels on the 20X2. Cheers to All
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    PE6 editor window size

    Using PE with Windows 10: The editor always opens full screen and I end up re-sizing it. Is there any setting where I can set the 'opening' window size?? I looked in: C:\Users\qxgat\AppData\Roaming\Revolution Education\PICAXE Editor\Settings\PICAXE_Editor_General_Settings.xml But I...
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    20X2 HPWM 'half' workarounds?

    Just wondering if there are any workarounds yet for the non-functioning HPWM half mode. It sure is a versatile chip and I would like to use it for driving half-bridge circuits for both SMPS and motor control.