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    Download cable plug wiring...why?

    OK, I've been using PICAXEs for a while, but have always used header connectors on the PICAXE end. I have a project where I want to use the 1/8" phone jack for external programming of a PICAXE in a metal box. I went back the Manual 8. I was surprised to see that the "barrel" connection...
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    08M Christmas tree watering controller

    I've been using Velleman K2639 Liquid Level Control kits for Hi/Lo level water pumps controllers: I've used these in roof drain sumps for "Green Roof" vs "Non-Green Roof" rain-runoff measurements, and they worked very well. I was going...
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    ZiPZap Car to 1 of 8 Remote Control

    Though not a Picaxe project directly, I thought this could easily be used with them for a short range RF remote control. I've been playing around with cheap, tiny ZipZap R/C cars, and wondered if I could expand their control possibilities. These are the low end, 47MHz ZipZaps, not the SE's...
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    Zero Standby Current - a solution

    I haven't been following this forum, but someone on the Yahoo forum said you were looking for a solution to a problem that I had just solved. I developed and tested a circuit (picaxe 08M) that: a momentary PB turns on the Picaxe, the picaxe turns on a 2n3904, the transistor turns on a P-channel...