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    28x2 problem (or not)

    Hi, I recently built four AXE401s that I had, along with some 28x2s that I got a few weeks ago. It's so long since I built any of the AXE401 boards, that I can't remember if the led is supposed to flash. They all announce themselves in the terminal. Could you please refresh my memory? Thanks John
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    Usb010 and windows 10

    Hi some time ago I bought a usb010 which worked perfectly with win 7. Finally gave in to Microsoft upgrade, since then I can get it to recognize the port, but nothing works attached to it. I looked on the net and found people had similar problems with win 8.1 Has anyone found a successful...
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    GPS010 with axe211?

    Hi, I was looking at the gps010 because I wanted a module with an sma connector on it. However while reading through the datasheet I saw mentioned the axe211 with a 20x2 on it. Is this a new board? as even the link shown in the datasheet throws up the 404 page not found. Thanks john
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    Anyone tried dcc coding decoding with picaxe?

    Hi, Has anyone succeeded in getting a picaxe to encode and decode dcc model train data? The specs are: A 1 is represented by a 58uS for a half cycle, and a 0 at least 100uS for a half cycle. This may turn out to be too difficult, but hopefully someone might have done it. Thanks & regards john
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    KY-040 rotary encoder?

    Hi, I notice there are quite a few threads regarding rotary encoders, except the ones I have! The part number is KY-040. It looks relatively straightforward, but I just curious if anyone else has used them. Hopefully the datasheet has attached ok. Thanks, john
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    lithium batteries fake!

    Hi, I bought four 'Ultrafire 3200mah' 18650 lithium poly batteries from a company called m-zone. They advertise through amazon uk. My intention was to use either a single cell for picaxe projects, or two with an ldo regulator for 5volts. I found out that they were going flat rather quicker than...
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    latest pe6 wont install

    Hi, Ijust download the latest beta all goes well until about half way through. Win xp throws up an error number ( so quick I could catch it although something like error 1310 in msi file. I reloaded 6058 back to usual. Thanks john
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    axe022 differences?

    Hi Can technical please confirm that the axe022 proto board incorporate a 16MHz resonator instead of the usual 4MHz. Will all future shipments be this way? Thanks & regards john
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    netserver lcd display type?

    Hi, I've recently bought two picaxe netservers. My question is which backlit lcd (or oled) can I use, and do rev-ed sell them. I tried the oled display off the axe133, and although it appears to be wired the same, I get nothing. The only backlit lcds I have all have different pin arrangements...
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    axe022 pin hole diameter too small?

    Hi, recently i got two axe022 protoboards, and have had quite a few in the past. Usually the first thing i do is install 2.54mm header pins to all four ports, and the pns port. I was quite surprised when i found the pins were far too large! Seeing as these are through plated holes, therefore...
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    Picaxe netserver file location?

    Hi, I've been playing around withe the picaxe netserver, and reading the files and forum entries. On one page, technical refers the user to the following file I get the 404 error trying this. Does anyone have, or know the location of this file? Thanks john
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    Infra red stair lift project advice please.

    Hi, my wife and I have to use a stair lift. It is made by a company called Meditek. It can be controlled by infra red remote controllers which are supplied. There are two buttons on them, up and down! The buttons have to remain pressed until the lift reaches either limit. What I have in mind...
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    axe091 availability?

    Hi, I suppose this is one really for tech supplies, but I notice on another suppliers website that the axe091 is 'discontinued'. Mind you, when you look at the price difference..... I do hope this will continue to be on sale for a long time. The ability to have three picaxes running at once...
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    Winstar oled 100x16 graphic displays

    Hi does anyone have any experience with the Winstar WEG010016AWPP5N00000 ? I bought one to see what they are like, and that the pinout looks compatible with the axe133y, even though the software may not be. It looks like the axe133y uses the 8 bit interface to the displays, could technical...
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    08m2 missing from p.e

    Hi, I recently installed p.e. 5.3.3, and I've just noticed that the 08m2 is missing from the device listing. Any ideas what I've done wrong? thanks john
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    Using alternative crystals.

    How would you go about using a different crystal frequency with the 40x2? I would like to use a 19.6608MHz so that in theory the baud rates should be closer in tolerance. Any ideas, short of using an ordinary pic? regards john
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    nkm2401 use as transceiver

    Hi I am looking into using the nkm2401s to send data over a transceiver link. As the kit stands, you have one transmitter and one receiver. Would it be possible to use a single 2401 at each end by switching the mode pin during transmit etc? Thanks & regards john
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    New Editor and 18m2 variants?

    Hi, Possibly a query for technical:- Will the new editor know the difference between the old 18m2 and the 18m2+ ? Thanks and regards john