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    CCTV protocol converter

    Conventional (Old fashioned) wired CCTV systems use commands distributed over serial RS485 cabling for Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) and other controls. There are various protocols ("languages") for the command format. We got some old LG brand cameras, planning to use them in an existing wired CCTV...
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    M2 hserout buffering

    How background-y is HSEROUT on a 14M2 ? The limited two-byte hserin buffer is understood and clearly documented, but .... I'm making a protocol converter for CCTV serial commands; listens for 7/8 byte packets or frames with hserin, manipulates a whole frame of data, and outputs with hserout on...
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    hserin in PE simulator

    I think this is more finger trouble than PE simulator issue, but here goes... I'm making a project for RS-485 Pelco-D CCTV control. The relevant part is I need to transmit onto the multidrop RS-485 bus, and will use a simple transmission collision avoidance strategy. I've used hsersetup to...