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    Champagne occasion

    Well done Rev Ed. Now what will we break the champagne bottle over -to mark the occasion ?
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    Dormitory Automation

    Although it may not be particularly Picaxe do-able, here&#8217;s what some American college guys have set up for their dormitory &#8211;the &#8220;MIDAS Multifunction In-Dorm Automation System&#8221;. <A href=''...
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    Aussie Robot Dogs

    While time doesn&#8217;t allow me to get involved with robotics, much to my surprise I came across the following report in the Technology section of my local newspaper today: <A href=' '...
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    Picaxe Forum color-coding

    I have a question, and maybe everyone knows the answer except me.. :-( Why is it that when the forum entries are listed, some of them begin with pink coloured folders while others are shown with yellow folders? Cant for the life of me work it out!