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    Are Rev-Ed & Picaxe missing out??

    I've dabbled with Picaxe on and off for well over ten years now but never in a serious way but always willing to learn more all the time, this time 5yrs ago I couldn't program a PLC and now that I work with them daily I manage round a Mitsubishi PLC quite happily. I was having a look around...
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    Anyone Used Stone Displays?

    Been reading bits on the Nextion display and watching videos on youtube as you do, have known about the nextion display for a while but happened to stumble across Stone HMI's, similar setup to the Nextion as in has a PC editor for making the GUI up and a serial connection. Has anyone used them...
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    Thoughts on adding additional I/O

    Just been having a route about the forum and the picaxe website in the FAQ section and just wondered what fellow forumers (if that's a word) thoughts are on adding I/O. There are the following options from what I can see:- 1. Use a bigger picaxe chip (probably the easiest thing to do) 2...
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    serin serout and words

    Im just starting to have a play (as they say) with sending some data from Words in one picaxe to words in another, is this possible. From what I've researched so far you can't but you can send From my understanding you cant have serout <pin>, <baud>, (w0, w1, w2) but you can...
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    Picaxe Far & Wide

    Just a social post for where people are in the world, if your working on anything interesting at the moment in these (as they say) strange times and things like the day job? I'm in Shrewsbury which is the county town of Shropshire in the west midlands of England not far from the boarder with...
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    Evening all I'm having a play again, always find the best way to learn is a bit of trial and error but I can't work out the below if any of you can help. I currently have the below in a piece of code and it works fine Temp_Check_1A: readtemp C.7, b1 'Read the DS18B20...
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    I2C I/O Expanstion

    Hi all, I've just got hold of a copy David Lincolin's book on the picaxe (second Edition) and attached is the file for the I2C I/O expansion test routine, it complies ok but the when I run the simulator I get the error shown in the photo. Any ideas? 'I2C I/O expantion MCP23017 - Test Routine...
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    Evening all I have a question (don't we all) I've used these MAX6675 thermocouple modules before but only on there own i.e 1 MAX6675 to 1 Picaxe chip. My question is, is it possible to run more than one as in address them or is it 1 on 1 as they are serial?
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    Is my MAX6675 dead

    Hi all me again, still trying to get my thermocouple to talk to a picaxe. Have now got myself a 14M2 board to do experiments at the bedroom desk while corri is on ha ha. It is all wired correctly, I've looked at it until my eyes cross over and my code is this:- ; Picaxe 14M2+ to Max6675...
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    Thermocouple MAX6675

    Just a quick one for you cleaver people in the know. I've go MAX6675 thermocouple board and have that conected to an 08M2+ board, I've used code I've found of here and can't seem to get it to work. Is the 08M up to the task as all the cods I've found seem to be from 18Ms? Thanks for any help
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    Output to Input

    Hi all, I've tried to do a search on here before asking, but you can imagine what the results are when you search "output to input" you end up with every Thread ever written. What I would like to know is can I come out of the output of one picaxe straight into the input of another to read a...
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    DS18B20 alternative

    Hi all its been a while since I've posted or commented on anything on here but have to say as always reading through other posts I usually find the answer to my problems. This post is just a general question to pick your brains. Recently I've been reading a bit about these 1-wire temp sensors...
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    Pules input question

    Hi gang, is it possible for a picaxe chip to be connected to a mag pickup similar to those used on car ABS so that at specific frequencies of the square wave they give out it would change outputs? hope that makes sense.
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    Motor control

    Hi all, I have a small dc motor and wish to use a picaxe to control the speed. what I am not sure about and wonder if anyone could do one for me is the code. I would like it that when say input 1 is pulsed high the motor runs at half speed and then when input 2 is pulsed high it runs up to full...
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    Burner controller

    Hi all, its been a while since I last stretched the brain and this latest project is certainly going to do that. I have recently acquired a diesel/water pre heater off a mazda car and am planning to use this to heat my shed and the green house, the only problem is that it will not run stand...
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    Hi all. Would any of you out there have or know were to get a copy of the Crocodile Technology version 309 as my demo has expired and the new version or this yenka thing looks rubbish. I have tried there website but can't fined older versions. Mark
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    Help I need some body.

    Hi all, Sorry to quote a bettles line. My question is, is there anyone on the forum that live anywhere near Newtown in mid Wales who knows abit about the programing side of the picaxe chips and wouldn't mind having a chat face to face. Mark
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    Tool box alarm

    Hi all, it’s been a while. I have been asked to build an alarm for a friends site tool box and immediately thought of the old PICAXE. I can do the hardware side of things but the program side still gets me, so I thought I would ask the extended family. What it will have will be one input for...
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    Pressure switch

    Hi, I’m starting to look at my second ever project with a Picaxe chip probably an 08. I want to get rid of four mechanical pressure switches and replace them with a single sensor and have four on/off set points with hysteresis for each point. I have seen the sensor that I would like to use it...
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    Air Circuit Breaker Control

    Hi, I am new to the world of programable IC so please bear with me. I work with larg control gear which requiers a 2sec pulse to close and a 2sec pulse to open again. I have built a unit using to multi-function timers so that when I recive a "high" on the input I get a 2sec pulse from output 1...