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    BL-Motor driver.

    I am a beginner with the program: Picaxe VSM Is there anyone here who can help me file: circuit1.DSN engine, so I can test simuleringren. See attach: bl-motor_emf driver.jpg You are welcome to send the file at. E-mail: mjs AT Sincerely, Monie
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    Fix a SENSOR-LESS MOTOR BLDC controller

    Is there anyone here who has experience with the coder to create a BLDC motor in a Micro Controller. I am aware that there can be bought ready-BLDC controller. But I would like to work with such a controller. And to get good start then I have some questions below. Which PIC circuit must be...
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    Help about the Servo or pulsout

    Can someone please advise me of the command for SERVO code to running a RC motor. I'm using: PICAXE Program Editor Ver.5.2.0 With the following codes I would like to make a (power steering)/controller for this Speed Controller. Speed controller type: Brushless Motor Speed Controller HV-45A...
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    Solarcell powered motor

    Question to PICAXE forum I'm trying to connect an electrical motor to a solarcell, as seen on the Schematics. Problem: When the suns intnesity degrades we need to aditionally control a mosfet by PWM to reduce the current draw on the solarcell. (DIP Regulating), and it almost works...
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    Regarding emergency stop.

    Regarding emergency stop. I´m looking for a way to instruct my IC to make an emergency shut down, and thereafter beeing able to switch the system on again using the very same button. Does any one here knows a smart way to do so i.e coding example or perhaps a link to such a code. Best regards...
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    Start and speed control of a BLCD motor

    I'm trying to make a program for the &quot;Hacker Master 48-0-Flight&quot; controller, which will be able to start and control a BLCD motor and function as a speed regulater with a potentiometer My Basic Code: <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> 'Servo PulsOut for Master 48-0-Flight...
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    Make the control to a 3-Phase DC motor

    How do I make the control to a 3-Phase DC motor as shown in this example <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> How do I write the Basic codes for control of the OA OB OC OD OE and OF inputs, enabling a PICAXE-28X 4 Mhz to control these...
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    Round up to three decimals

    I'm trying to round up to three decimals without any luck. Please see codes below. <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> SYMBOL BattNomFloatVoltage = 1362 SYMBOL SenseAmp = w2 ;b4:b5 SYMBOL RestOprund = B10 DisplayLine3: SenseAmp= 93 ;= 4.50 Amp Byte = $94; Start Line 3...
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    Digial Input Push button function.

    Can anyone help me complete the following routine? A single push to a button switches LED ON ( IF pin0 = 1 THEN ) and remains like this untill button is pushed again, making LED go OFF. On same entry. NB. I tried doing it like this, at +5V in on leg 11 LED ON goes on Using: PICAXE-28X - 4Mhz...
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    Note for actions written to the display.

    With the sentence: &quot;IF Solar &lt;= 0 THEN NoSolar&quot; I would like to send the following message to the display &quot;No Solar&quot; Using HD44780 I have tried several options. And checked the datarecord for the display and <b> EEPROM. </b> But I haven' t been able to send the message...
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    Replacing the variable w3 withmed POKE and PEEK

    As I'm using the variable &quot;w3&quot; in other places and have no further variables available, is it somehow possible to release a variable with a poke and peek commando? Hopefully that isn't a too stupid question!! Addresses : PICAXE-28X 16F873A = 112 : $50-$7F / $C0-$FF Symbol b20 =...
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    How do I get 2 decimals

    How do I get 2 decimals with the Basic codes below? I have put &quot;READADC10 3,w3&quot; to 10 bit to get a wider resolution I am using PICAXE-28X I have tried to insert the following text at the end of the codes, to make the second decimal appear in the display. Byte = w3 // 1 |...
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    Flow sensor FOR-NEXT?

    I have acquired a Flow sensor, that reads &quot;READADC 3,w3&quot; Grundfos Direct Sensors Web-link: <A href=' ' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> And these values from the flow sensor I would like to output on my...
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    Read the binary from PORTC pins?

    How can I'm read the binary from PORTC pins? Using 2 CMOS type 4516 Picaxe-28x - use PortA how to convert the value of a byte contents to a 3 decimal ACII code represenation ? I Pic-Logicator 2001 I'm do cmd: ----Start : : : : : a=PORT ( Cell Detail- EXPRESSION ) ...
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    Interrupt Counter control

    Can the anyone help my? I have gotten a readout on the value &#8221;RPMCounter&#8221; with the command: serout 7,T2400,(254,&quot;Speed: &quot;,#RPMCounter,&quot; rpm &quot;,255) Why 2 time &quot;serout! 1: main_loop:goto main_loop 2: interrupt:return The complete basic code is listed...
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    DS1307 Seconds

    I have just gotten hold of a &quot;DS1307 Clock&quot; and thus have no experience with it. Please see questions in the Basic Code below Why is readout on Terminal 3 repeated three times? Copy from Serial Terminal seconds = (#b7,#b8) V&#230;rdi: 46 Minutepulse:544 V&#230;rdi: 46...
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    Basis commands count

    I have tried Basis commands introducition with count page 14 loop: count 1, 5000, w1 debug w1 goto loop The code does not work. Why not? Can you give me a example I would be happy to if you send a example. ;-) regards Monie
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    Pin number from DS1307 to PICAXE-28X

    I am vill try to use DS1307 Clock I am try to drawing some shematics which the PICAXE-28X and DS1307. Could you tell me which pin number from DS1307 to PICAXE-28X (SDA,SDA and SCL) regards Monie
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    Speedcontroller for the LRK brushless motor

    Speedcontroller for brushless motor Link: Show: How can I read out the number of passages of the code above? I wish to convert the count converted to minutes. My code : main: symbol timer = w1...
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    Convert the count converted to minutes

    Show: My code : main: high 0 label_8: gosub prc_TIMER 'Do Procedure high 0 high 1 low 2 gosub prc_TIMER 'Do Procedure low 0 high 1 high 2 gosub prc_TIMER 'Do Procedure high 0 low 1 high 2 goto label_8 prc_TIMER: readadc 0,b8 'read...