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    Trojan horse Injector.BFW still found in latest Logicator 3.7.0 install files AVG2014

    "";"Trojan horse Injector.BFW, C:\Documents and Settings\Desktop\lgc001.exe";"Infected":mad: I could not find any reference in forum to this, although it has been seen before.:confused: Can we please have some factual proof that this is a false positive? A "written document" to "verify this"...
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    VSM simulation 18M2, Reset pin does nothing?

    Has anybody noticed that the Reset pin doesn't simulate:confused: In my running simulation, nothing happens when the wired reset switch is pushed/actuated. I should think this also applies to >18 pin Picaxe chips, although have not tried them yet. Bruce.
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    Logicator editor issues!

    Logicator editor issues, Seems the Logicator that 'we pay for' is as 'buggy' as the previous flowchart editor! Using latest Logicator 3.6.3 on XPSP3, Pentium 1.7ghz, 2G RAM 80Gig HD. Ok. thats my laptop. 1. Do you relize that every time I use Logicator, 1.1 An Internet explorer is opened, and...
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    Why 18M2 support dropped flow editor?

    Why 18M2 not included in flow chart editor? Don't believe Logicator is 'a better and simplier editor'. Having used Logicator verses Programing editor flowchart( =PFC for short) they are totally different. PFC is far more powerfull. I have written very complicated code with it, with great...
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    Input from operator-Toggle?

    Don't know if I missed somthing here, but, During simulation, how can, 'more than one' input be selected? For example using input2 as a Run/Stop pin, then input7 or 6 to select a further selection while input2 is currently High/Active? I can't find a way to 'toggle an input' during emulation...
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    Logicator 3.3.5

    When using 'servo', assigning a variable [A-H], ligicator program crashes and gives a 'visual basic error', cannot except a 'letter', expects a numeric value? Is this a visual basic error or logicator fault? I just registered the logicator, do I need to reinstall it? Is there an update to fix...
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    Schematic zoom, simple but anoying

    Have you ever noticed that when converting a sechematic to basic and then returing to sechmatic window that it has now shrunk or zoomed out? If you repeat the process above for whatever reason it will shrink even further! From memory this even happens when swapping window screens from one...
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    Thank you for prompt responce

    Excellent, thank you for fixing the editor. I have a lot of programing experence, used to program in turbo-pascal. So undestand ports, basic, programing etc. I will send some more flowchart errors soon, you are aware of some already. eg Subroutines fault. Again, Thank you.