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    Finding serial ports

    Hi All, I have always had the problem of figuring out which COM port number is assigned to which USB-RS232 adapter. Now this has bugged me for a number of years until a friend of my son stated, "yeah no problem. Use PowerShell", in Windows OS. Anyway, he started me off, and in the end I have...
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    Rotary Encoder explanation

    Hi All, Just found this: Seeing as there are plenty of people using them, and questions invariably arise, I hope that the link may help others. MPep
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    Merry christmas

    HI all, Just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas:o MPep
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    08M2+ - what is it?

    Hi all, Might seem like a silly question, but I thought I had purchased 08M2, but the package has the + written on it also. Is there a difference, or is it indeed the same IC? Mark.
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    Simplified programming????

    Hi All, Just found this Yes it is for Arduino, but (??) could be made to work for PICAXE. This would get around all the issues there are regarding USB serial port compatibility et al. Really, every computer has a sound...
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    Happy New Year

    To you all. MPep
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    Cheap GPS module Apparently only US$3. Thought someone may like to know this.
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    Scroll bars in posts

    Hi Technical, I see the above in most posts now. Even on small posts that really don't require them. Is there a way they can be removed? I find it distracting. Anybody else notice them? MPep.
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    @Technical, repeated posts

    Hi Technical, There appear to have been quite a few repeated (double) posts in the last week or so. Is there any specific reason for this? Regards, MPep.
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    LTC6903 SPI acknowledge transfer

    Hi all, I am going to use the above chip. Datasheet here. I am a little puzzled over the datasheet's mention of Does this mean that the following code should work okay? low CS hspiout (freqhigh) pause 1 hspiout (freqlow) high CS Where FREQHIGH and FREQLOW are byte-wide...
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    LookUp tables vs Word variables?

    Hi All, Is it possible to use Word variables with Lookup tables? Am trying to use it like so: symbol search = W3 symbol dispcode = W4 Tab2: lookup search,("D2C3,D2CD,D2D7,D2E1,D2EB,D2F4,D2FE,D307,D310,D319"),dispcode returnThing is, is this, in fact, okay to use? MPep.
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    IR options - suggestion

    Another suggestion: would it be possible for users to determine the input device for IR send codes? eg if I already had a Sony TV, how could I make a IR controlled input AV selector?
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    USB-serial adapter COM# identifier

    Hi chaps, I am looking for software that is able to identify on your Windows system what COM ports are available. Reason being is that every time you connect an adapter, and it is in a different USB port to what you originally used, will be assigned a different COM number. e.g. you were using...
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    1 wire LCD driving

    Hi all, Whilst browsing the 'net, found this Should be PICAXEable. He also has plenty of other interesting ideas/circuits that are well worth browsing his website for. MPep.
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    ASCII variables

    This might sound rather daft but here goes: How do I send an ASCII variable using SEROUT or SERTXD? Before anybody mentions it, yes I kow how to send as part of a set string, ie: SERTXD ("Hello World",13,10) However what I want to do is to check what is coming in, ie:RMCIn: serin...
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    Simulator - SerIn issue

    Hi people, Has anybody else noticed that when you write a program that requires SerIn with a qualifier, you must remove the qualifier for the simulator to work correctly?serin 1,N2400,("RMC,),b0,b1Using this structure causes no response in the simulator when I enter ' "RMC,12",13,10' If I...
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    SimpleLAN purchase for NZ

    Hi guys, If anyone is interested in buying a SimpleLAN but the freight cost for 1 is just too much, I am wondering if we can team up and share parcel space. Let me know. I have no timetable as such. Mark.
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    Forum page defaults?

    Hi All, I have recently discovered that, whilst viewing a post, that you can change the displayed view to Linear mode, thereby showing a chronological line up of all replies. Click on "Display Mode" on the top right. Only thing is, how can I keep this as my preference?? Mark.
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    NMEA HDG --> HDT conversion

    NMEA HDM --> HDT conversion Hi there, I am posting this as an example of how I came to convert an NMEA APHDM sentence to APHDT. *In it, I have used maths directly on ASCII characters. I thought it was easier to do it this way, rather than converting to binary, then back to ASCII again...
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    Scratchpad RAM and qualifiers

    Hi Technical, I can see definite uses for the scratchpad RAM for GPS data input. Although any data input type could be used of course. I already know how to specify a start character to start recording data. What I want to have is the ability to specify an "end/stop" character. The way I...