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    GPS001 not receiving ?

    Hi, Yesterday my AXE210 starter pack and the GPS001 GPS receiver arrived, great ! i builded a axe 210 board to fit the GPS receiver so it could connect to my computer and all went well for one little detail, the GPS module seems to refuse to receive signals. It see's sattelites (11) and dumps...
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    my project: PCB UV timer

    Hi, currently i'm working on a project around a 18X for use as a programmable timer. This timer is used to switch my UV lamps on for a period of time. I wrote a article about part one, the 7 segment display, on it on my website (no, this is not a shameless plug for it, it's dutch mostly and...
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    counting ttl freq.s using a picaxe ?

    For my next projec t i like to build a simple freq counter using 7-segment displays. I know i can use the count command to count the pulses per period and calculate the freq. from it. I also know the limitation on speed and thus max freq to count. Has anybody ever build such kind of a...