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    Pin Conditionals on X2 parts

    Dear All, If pinX then .... works on lower part numbers, but on the X2 parts (40 in particular) it doesnt seem to like accessing the pins directly. While I know its easy enough to read in the whole port then test the bit, is there a simpler way to access say.... D.2 in an "if D.2 = 1 then...
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    Simulator issues - technical, is this my doing or the software?

    Hi, I've been having a few problems with the simulator in 5.2.6 - some variables are not updated in the sim, I have a variable at b28 that never seems to change, yet a dependant variable (updated with symbolic versions of b36=b28) changes as if the original variable was functioning normally...
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    Reading digital outputs

    Im using an 40X2 part (checking in simulator) and trying to execute the following code to bitshift a variable and place its output onto port C pins 4 and 5, bitwise OR in order to keep existing port config: b55 = valueOne << 4 pinsC = pinsC | b55 However this wipes the current outputs on the...
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    Resonator pins on X2s

    Leave them floating or tie them low/high if just using the internal oscillator?
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    PWM oddness

    OK, I'm pretty up to speed on the smaller 'axes but I'm clearly missing something here...I'm trying to generate a 5KHz 50% DC on C.1 of a 40x2 4MHz resonator, my initial try was: pwmout C.1 , 199, 400 Scoped the pin, excellent, I seem to have a 50% DC output. On closer inspection though I'm at...
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    Multiple port interrupts

    Just having a think about my pin layout for this project, feeling a bit confused with the different revisions of the 40 pin chip, there seem to be so many "applies to this but not this" exceptions and new commands that work on certain versions but not others. I have many inputs (7 or so, User...
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    Symbolic portC

    Hi all. I'm setting up an experiment for some students and wish to simplify the coding as much as possible. Currently the experiment uses almost every pin on the 40x, so they have enough to be worrying about without dealing with pins and ports if it can be helped. I can normally use symbol...
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    X parts PWMout

    Hi all, long time no speak! Just wishing to check up on a quick point before I launch into a project... 28X - two hardware PWM outputs available at the same time, presumably runnign on the same frequency but individually variable duty?
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    3 hardware pwm pins

    Do any of the axes support hardware pwm on 3 pins simultaneously? Different datasheets use different labels for the same IC and im 90% positive I spotted the 18x had 3 a while ago but cannot find it now. I'd like to use the axes but may have to resort back to PICs. Ta
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    I was just looking through a few ideas, one of which was interfacing with an optical mouse via the PS2 connection (simple 1-wire serial comms) when I realised lots of cheap mice are USB these days, but they usually come with a USB>PS2 converter. Considering the PS2 and USB dataflow protocols are...
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    RGB sensing

    Are there any other modules other than the rev-ed module, that I can interface with the 'axe to get RGB readout? Apart from the cost, the rev-ed supplied module looks like it would not withstand the hot environment I am looking to use it in. Cheers gurus!
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    Paging Technical, RE: VNC1L

    I noticed you recommended, some time ago, the VNC1L kits for datalogging (Via SPI?) to USB flash drives - have you actually done this or was it a "that looks like the best solution"? I'm tempted to give one a try, for the princely sum of £14 lol.
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    Simple mosfet Q

    I'm a little confused i must admit. I thought I was pretty well up on interfacing these with components but ive struck something I cant figure out. I have an IRLZ44Z to power a small lamp (Overkill, will be used with different load later)...
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    Serially "burnable" lookup table

    G'day all, Its 3AM here so my mind is working on overdrive but.... Im looking at making a single servo controller from an 08M that monitors a shaft speed and adjusts the servo position based on a lookup of the shaft speed...easy enough so far, just select a set of ranges and number them...
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    PCB Manufacture

    I know its not 'axe specific but since I was considering using a pic for this, I thought I'd ask peoples opinions... I'm looking at making a UV exposure box, i have an old scanner and I was planning to make a scanning UV LED head that cruises slowly across the artwork - had a lovely 15mm/min...
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    Shipping costs

    Is it just me that thinks the cost of shipping is a tad high for within the UK? Its essentially a fiver and the parts arrive in a 20p jiffy bag via 1st class post. I wouldnt complain if I were a school ordering 50 at a time, but for a hobbyist who uses them occasionally I struggle to justify...
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    Stepper control - again

    I'm really seeming to struggle with stepper control on a picaxe. I've recently tried to "hack" a scanner and want control over the stepper that controls the motion of the head. Easy enough me thinks. Nope. I scooted around the main board and found the driver IC (PBL 3775...
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    Fuzzy Logic

    Has anyone implemented fuzzy logic on a picaxe yet? I was thinking of knocking up a FL fan controller for a system I have but i think the defuzzification calculations may be a bit much for the axe to handle, especially something as small as the 08M?
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    08M at 16Mhz?

    Is it possible? I'm trying to write a wheel decoder and the 450 microsecond execution time for each command at 4mhz will be significant at higher wheel speeds. Can i push the 08M to 16 or is 8 my limit?
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    Theres only really one thing that upsets me about picaxe

    The slow ADC read speed. Theres so much more i could do with them if I could get ~500sps out of them :(