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    Quadrature wheel encoders

    The wheel encoder subject has been mentioned before. PICAXE has been said to be to slow for PID controlling of motors. I still want to try. I made a new thread in Electro Tech forum, but I know very well, that this forum has a lot of very clever persons. So I would ask you to have a look at: <A...
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    Jeremys anenometer

    Hi Jeremy I am trying to copy your anemometer circuit <A href=';forum_id=24&amp;Topic_Title=Low%2Bpower%2BCounter%2B%252D%2Bworking%2Bversion&amp;forum_title=No+new+posts+please%21+17' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> I does only...
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    Absolute difference

    Is there an easy way to calculate an absolute difference? For example: B1 = 2 B2 = 1 B3 = B1-B2 'This equals 1 B1 = 1 B2 = 2 B3 = B1-B2 'I want this to equal 1 to
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    A different wind vane

    I have been experimenting with a wind vane based on an angle encoder made of LED's and photo resistors. I have learned a lot and want to share. <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> Using grey readings on a binary pattern makes the pattern analog...
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    Hi all. I got a problem. I made the circuit shown on this gif <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> I made a shift register of four flip-flops. I use it to turn on for LED's one at a time. At the same time a LDR gets power and sends its...
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    Signal strength

    How do I measure signal strength from a radio receiver? I build a little FM-radio transmitter that can transmit a tone generated by a 555 timer circuit. I can receive it by my clock radio. I want to build a receiver with a directional antenna. Then I want to measure signal strength to be able to...
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    How much current from a shift register?

    I need help to read a datasheet. I am building a light seeking robot inspired by a resent tread in this forum. I want 08M to run L293B (H-bridge). For that purpose I need 4 digital outputs. I need to read LDR's via 1 ADC input. I need to read two or more contacts. Here I can us 1 ADC input as I...
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    PICAXE Intercom

    I got one 18X serving as master and 08M serving as slave. Now they work fine talking serin/serout via two lines. I even managed them to use interrupt to trigger communication so they won't have to spent time just listening for serin. Then I realised, that I need 4 I/O's on the 08M in addition...
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    How do I convert 1307 data to LCD output?

    Hi there. I have just wired up my ds1307 serial clock to the PICAXE and a LCD-display. It works just like clockwork. Only problem is to display the time. From the datasheet I realised that seconds and minutes is torn up from bytes to bits. I'm sure someone has some lines of code that convert...
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    Problem with serial connection

    Before I found PICAXE I bought a QUASAR PROJECT KIT #3145 (QPK). It's a temperature data logger that uses 4 x DS1820. It sends data via serial port. I want PICAXE to receive these data. QPK reads with higher accuracy. The old DS1820 cannot be read with readtemp12. Problem is QPK uses DTR and RxD...
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    Making a few pins many

    Hi - I've been looking for a way to get as much out off tree pins on a 08M as possible. Without to much complexity. The first idea was to read with to input pins and address with a third output pin. If output is low I can read sensor 1 and 2 and when output is high I can read sensor 3 and 4...
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    Interface with logic gates

    Hi there I've got a MC14011BCP (a quad 2-input NAND Gate). I want to invert the output from a output-pin on 08M. Can I just do that, or should other components be involved?
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    Test of link <A href='' Target=_Blank>External Web Link</a> Edited by - AllanBertelsen on 07/04/2006 16:34:15
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    Where's the weather station project?

    Someone made a weather station project with a nice blue control box in UK. I saw it at a web-site the other day. Now I can't find it again. Can anybody help me? I'll remember to add it to my favourites this time.
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    Hard-reset procedure won't do it any more.

    I've got the experimenter board AXE090. A LCD 2x20 display and the firmware chip. I've got it all hooked up. It worked nicely. With the tree pushbuttons I manage to control some LED's via a menu. But then I wanted to build a more advances system using EEPROM for menu texts and data. Suddenly I...