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    Inverting an Interrupt

    What do I mean by inverting an interrupt? I've got two switches and a push button attached to a 20x2. Using: setint %00101100, %00101100 No problem with the push button but when one of the switches is flipped from High to Low I can no longer use the same mask to know when it's changed back to...
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    #picaxe 20x2

    When axePad first came out I happily put in on my linux box and now no longer even have a windows computer to test on. (Wife won't let me touch hers!) "#picaxe 20x2" or any of the picaxe versions is not accepted by axePad. When I first started using Pad I didn't care, even though it "broke"...
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    Low water level warning device

    My wife's pond skimmer inlet sometimes becomes blocked by floating plants and the pump will empty the skimmer and suck air....expensive pump and I'd like to make it 1. How can i sense the water level in the skimmer? Would the soil moisture sensor that demonicpicaxeguy worked out...
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    Multiple eeprom writes

    I need to save a value to the internal eeprom often. At least once a second or even more often than that. That means in 24 hours I'd have saved to the same address at least 86400 times. In not many days that address would no longer be valid. I know demonicpicaxeguy showed it would last longer...
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    I was needing an h-bridge so I could reverse the direction of a Solarbotics GM3 motor. I was going to order a 293D but thought about using a ULN2003 like I've used for small unipolar stepper motors. Would you take a look at the attached schematic? Surely it can't be that easy. The GM3 at stall...
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    output to stepper

    I am using the ULN2003 two pin stepper setup from Manual 3 pg 15 for a unipolar stepper. It uses power all the time because one winding is always powered. I thought if I changed the output pins to input that it would be tristated and the motors would not be using power. Had it all worked out...
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    Just wanted to test the simileys. smile <img src="smile.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle> big smile [:D] lower case: [:d] cool [8D] lower case: [8d] blush [:I] lower case: [:i] tongue <img src="tongue.gif" width=15 height=15 align=middle> lower case: [:p] evil [}:)] how bout [{:]...
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    usb to serial

    I bought the usb to serial cable to use on my new laptop and have had no problems programming the picaxe. but.... I just bought a arduino board. I thought the cable would work to program the arduino. Have had no luck doing so. Any one else tried the usb/serial cable on any other boards? Very...
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    multiple picaxes reading ADC

    Doesn't work. I have 8 08Ms reading an ADC value from the same potentiometer. The program reads correctly on a separate board and one picaxe. Vomplete range of 0 to 255 from a 10k pot and 5v. When I line all 8 up to read the adc value from that pot it gives the high range 200+ and the low...
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    ADC comms

    I was trying to think of a way to do serial comms between two picaxes while still doing pwm on the receiving axe. Basiclly using a master pic to controll several 08Ms each doing a different pwm output with the main controller telling them each what to do. The problem is that serin disturbs the...
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    Drag & Drop

    One feature I have always wanted but never asked for was to be able to drag a basic file and drop it on the editor. I know I can just double click to open the editor with the file but that only works for one file. Arvin
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    unknown variable

    The following code gives me an error code &quot;unknown variable&quot; at the &quot;goto start&quot; line while simulating. Both for 08M and when 18X is selected in options. Didn't check all chips. Is there a work around? Known bug? <code><pre><font size=2 face='Courier'> Start: for b2...
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    POV one more time

    POV (Persistence Of Vision) has been tossed about quit a bit here lately. Michael Jeffery (Michael2727) offered a challenge in a forum message that I took. Always looking for interesting ideas for a new program to occupy my mind. What came from that with considerable time and effort (a major...
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    furnace fan timer

    This is an attempt to make a circuit using what's in the shoebox to control the fan on my furnace. &lt;a&gt;;/a&gt; We heat our small house with a pellet stove in the living room. I'd like to control the on/off of the HVAC fan to circulate heat...
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    Infrared communication

    I'd like to send and receive using 08M's with an ir module. Unfortunately Infrain2 ties up the whole chip so nothing else gets done. What I'd like to do is send an ir pulse out from one 08M and have the other one pick it up on an interrupt and then use infrain2 to recieve data. The problem...
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    pwm out on 08M

    Hi, I'm the proud new owner of four 08M's and a new breadboard thanks to what I've read here and on Stan's web site. I'm trying to do something that I've been doing on my oopic-r for some time as a simple test of the pwmout. I want to be able to ajust the brightness of the led I have on pin0...