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    Pelco D sending

    In the past ,with your help I was able to build a Pelco D protocall decoder using a picaxe 18x which is at this link: I am wondering if I could get any help building a controller that would send out Pelco D protocall when...
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    Im back with a question

    After being busy at work for a while, I finally have a chance to get back into playing with my picaxes. Symbol MY_ADR = $00 ' Select Address for this PICAXE receiver Using this line I am setting my picaxe to be #0 Can someone tell me how to address it as #1 ? I have tried to search for the...
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    Another simple lan question ...SORRY

    Ive been busy but I got back around to working on my simple lan project. I had it working before but cant get it going again.Can anyone take a look at it and help me troubleshoot it for once and for all? I believe I have the hardware connected properly.Here is my HTML for the simple lan...
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    Simple SimpleLAn

    I finally got my simpleLan/ 28x1 running. I am using code that Mora was kind enough to provide to me on another thread.(Thanks Mora!). It is working ,so I am now sure that all of my connections etc are correct. My problem now is that even though it may be a simple program, to me it is still too...
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    RS232/485 detector?

    I would like to make a rs232 detector so that when I plug it in to an rs232 port or cable etc. If there is ANY rs232 signal present it would make an led light.If not no light would light . It would just be a quick down and dirty check to see if Im sending/receiving anything. Im not sure if such...
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    PelcoD to control relays

    Hello, I am trying to make a relay board that would be activated by pelcoD. I found his link that sort of explains what the code is. I am wondering if anyone here could point me in the right direction on how to "decode" it using a picaxe to drive some relays.I have made a bunch of rs232 control...
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    Anyone know of a tiny transmitter/reciever

    I want to make a little local pager for my house. I want to hook a small box up to a motion light outside of my house with an AC relay in it that connects the switch on the transmitter when the light comes on. I want to have the receiver in a pager type housing on my belt so when it receives the...
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    Anyone here use a Siteplayer to access their picaxes. I forgot I had bought one a while back and wasn't able to get it going. So I dug it out and dusted it off. I have a simple lan on its way here. I am hopeing that between them I will get one to be able to turn some leds on and off over the...
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    Small rf transmitter ?

    I have a small transmitter that is part of a wireless motion sensor. THe markings on the transmitting side are 016-617tx-020r I cant find anything on it on the net. It has three connections going to the rest of the circuit. Two of which are joined by a tiny capacitor the third one isnt. Any...
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    Anyone wanna help a dummy With Simple LAN?

    I bought a simple Lan a while ago and have been busy with other projects since. I think Im really in need of basic help figuring out how to get what I want out of it. I am trying to be able to turn a series of like 10-12 leds on and off over the internet using the simple lan as an interface...
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    Circuit problem

    I am having an issue with a circuit I built I was wondering if anyone could give me any help. I am using an 18x with 2 inputs and 8 outputs. The outputs are 8 led type relays (where the "coil" is similiar to how an led works ,I forgot the actual name) If that makes sense to you. I also have my...
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    Code help?

    I am looking for an idea how I can program an 18x so that when I press a button for x amount of time the picaxe will measure it, then when an input is triggered it will make an led go high for the same x amount of time. I haven't really used variables before so Any help would be greatly...
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    This year projects

    I was thinking that maybe we could list what projects we did this year using a picaxe.Maybe it could help give others some ideas etc. I am new to them this year. Ill start and see if anyone else wants to chime in.All of these weren't possible without the great help from people on this site.The...
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    Simple LAN

    I was surprised by a package in the mail today. It was my Simple Lan from AVCom. I can't wait to try and get it online tomorrow. Then I have to figure out how to send rs232 over it so that I can control pan, tilt , robot functions etc.Cant wait...
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    L293 Question

    I figured out what I was doing wrong. I thought I could do it without breadboarding it first.Note to self "breadboard it first!"
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    28x1 Question

    I received a 28x1 and project board for Christmas. Can I make the pins c0-c7 output pins? I have tried to mess around with the code and havent been able to figure it out. I have done a search and havent been able to find anything that makes sense to me. I am wondering if i can use pins a1-a3 as...
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    Anyone know of a easy server?

    Does anyone have any experience with any EASY to use server thats also cheap? I want to use it with a pic axe. I just want to be able to turn 8 pins on and off with the server. It would be best if it doesnt have to be programmed to. Does anyone know of such a thing?
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    Code for RF reciever

    Can anyone help me out by giving me an example of a basic code that could be used to make a pin on an 08 go high/ low when it recieves pulses from a hobby type rf radio (That usually drives a servo..) ? Thanks for any help.
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    Question on timer

    I am working on a robot that is controlled over the internet. I am using a 4 relay device made by controloverweb. On my unit I can pulse the relay for a set amount of time(1 sec, etc.), Or have the relay on until I shut it off. I am thinking I will control the motors by pulsing it for 1.5...
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    Another stepper motor ?

    Ive searched and read the other entries on the forum but still Im clueless. I am trying to drive a Haydon 35402 stepper motor 5vdc, 2.5 w 15 degree (bipolar) It looks as though it has 2 coils. The top one has red and black wires. The lower one ha blue and green wire.I have been using the code...