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    Programming Voltage Question

    Hello. I was wondering if it is safe to program , for example, a 20M2 running at 3.3V using the axe 027 usb cable which i presume is at 5V ? i have been using level translators for I/O elsewhere. Do i need to translate the programming voltage down to 3.3v ? thanks
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    Manchester encoding ic

    I was wondering if the NKM4201 manchester encoding / decoding ic's could be used to increase the reliability of say an IR optical communications link. Any thoughts on this are welcome.
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    Is it possible to have 2 Axe 027 cables running on one PC

    Hello . I was wondering if i can use a 2nd Axe 027 cable on the same computer. I'am using Robot Basic on my PC to send and receive data to a picaxe 40x2. I would like to add a 2nd picaxe to my project. Would another com port be assigned to the 2nd Axe 027 cable or could a conflict arise...
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    Event driven email messages

    Hello. I would like to share a .VBS (Visual basic script) file that i found,which is basically a very compact way to send an email message when my picaxe detects an event. I have the following set up :door contact sensors , IR sensor , temp sensor (DS18b20),keypad, which are connected to a 40X2...
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    Better Terminal Window !!!

    I have come across a free windows based program designed for a line of digital I/O products in the U.S.A that can easily talk with picaxe controllers using serial comms. I have a 40x2 monitoring various sensors in my home and reporting their status to the "MODCOM" program. This program is...
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    Axe033 I2c Syntax

    Hello. i just got the axe033 lcd with clock option. Iam outputting text using the syntax provided in axe033 manual with no problems. How do i or what is the syntax to output numeric data or variables using I2C ? thanks