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    Using voltage to trigger an input pin

    Hi all, hope you are are staying safe and being alert! I am hoping to make a robot, using a recently purchase remote control and receiver unit. The receiver has 3 channels and on testing reverses polarity giving I suppose 6 channels. (I guess they are usually driving simple DC motors) I note...
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    code modification r: Ibutton

    Hi all, Happy New year! I've just ordered an Ibutton and reader from the Picaxe Rev-ed store and downloaded the code from the Specification data on their page. (see below). I notice it is for Picaxe-08M I have the more up to date O8m2 this is also on the setings for Picaxe editor. My problem is...
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    Desperate for stepper motor guidance

    Please could somebody spare the time to tell me if this stepper motor would be safe to use on a picaxe 18 high power board. With fets. Using outputs b0 - b3. I have fried a chip using another stepper motor...
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    My TimeLapse/Glide Delux with picaxe 28x2 project board!

    She's ugly but it works well! Version two is underway! this is a first test, me cleaning the shed! Heavy rain ever since. may take a while to download, not on youtube yet.
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    Word variables in logicator

    Would anybody be able to inform me if there is a way to add a word variable? using logicator or a work around please. I need to count to more than 255! I can do it in basic but I am working in a small school club and I would like the kids to stay in logicator for a while longer (So I can get up...
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    Can I count a pulse on an output pin?

    evening all! I know how to use the count function to count and display each time a button is pressed. Is ther a simple code to count the pulse on an output pin?I am using a relay on output 7 to complete a circuit that fires the shutter on my camera. I am using a relay because I do not went to...
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    picaxe 28x project board and easy driver 4.4 hook up

    Happy new year! I am trying to run a 12v stepper (with 6v) using seperate voltage connected and the l294 has caught fire! I have an easy driver 4.4 which works well on the Arduino uno using only 3 wires and is very easy to "hook up"!! but the coding is driving me crazy and I much prefer basic...
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    Newbie guide to connecting servo to Picaxe 28X2

    Hi guys I am sure this is a simple question but I cannot find the answers anywhere on the whole internet after five hours!! I have : a Picaxe 18 tutorial board from 2002 (working). I also have the Picaxe 28 x2 I bought last week as a backup to one I purchased 10 years ago! I just about know...