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    Digitech XC4134 Serial to Ethernet

    Hi all I could do with some advise on if it is possible to program a Picaxe 28X2 via this device . -Link to Unit - I have data coming from the Chip to the 'Serial Terminal' on the PC one great step for me. If I can get the link to program as well would be fabiolus, I can't get it to work. Any...
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    28x2 MPPT Success, 50v 35amp ,2.1Kw Panels

    Hi, I have got my MPPT Unit up and running (2 months now). So I thought i would share any and all my info, to any one that it may be of interest to. The idea was to run my hot water system from solar . I was given 6 panels 360watt JA Solar (chinese brand) so I mounted them on 2 frames that i...