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    40X2 hardware interrupt

    I need to get a 40X2 to respond at any moment using a hardware interrupt to a falling edge on the "hint0" pin but I cannot get it to interrupt more than once, how do I get the hardware interrupt to work more than once?
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    08M2 serout corrupt and restarts after serin

    I'm trying to use the serial terminal to get a 08M2 to relay commands to an I2C device but it wasn't transmitting anything so to troubleshoot I'm trying to output the exact data it received back to the terminal and the data the 08M2 transmits is completely unexpected and makes no sense. I'm also...
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    Scale readadc10 input to limit max value

    I'm using readadc10 with a pot to set 2 variables separately, switching between them with a button, however one must not be greater than the other but I dont want to limit the usable range on the potentiometer. readadc10 C.4,w0 if w0!=w1 AND w0!=w2 then if b12=0 then w7=w0...
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    08M2 pwmout 0,1

    I'm trying to get pwmout to 0,1 on a 08M2 but it just switches off, can I use poke or pokesfr to set the pwm to such a value?
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    ADC10>pulsout and display pulse time

    I want to pulseout (at 32MHz) with a time value straight from the ADC10 input and display the pulse time on a 2X8 OLED display, the thing I cant figure out is how to display a time such as "1279.25u", if I reduce the maximum time by dividing ADC10 by 10 I can display the time like this...
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    HPWM current capacity

    I have accidentally shorted picaxe outputs to ground in the past and no damage was done but I got a new 20X2 and accidentally touched an active HPWM output to ground with a scope probe ground clip and it appears pin B.4 has shorted to V+ and 0V internally. What is the current capacity for HPWM...
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    ADC to milliseconds

    I need to use the ADC to set a pause to between 250ms and 2000ms how do I do that?
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    Get digit after decimal point

    I'm going to try my best to explain this... Currently I'm doing the following: readadc10 vcc,w13 w13=w13*10 b18=w13/205 bintoascii b18,b19,b15,b16 I need to get the digit after the decimal point and put it into a variable, but I cant multiply by 100 instead of 10 because the value may go beyond...
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    Delay simulating pulsout

    Why is there a delay at the pulsout command when simulating a PICAXE program?
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    Basic menu programming with AXE133 and display

    I'm trying to think of the best way to make a basic menu system with: a PICAXE 14M2, 3 tactile switches(little buttons) and an OLED display controlled by the AXE133 firmware on a separate 18M2 The 3 buttons being set, plus and minus. I would start by setting an interrupt for the set button to...
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    Tactile switch connection

    In the PICAXE manual 3 on page 26 theres a 1K resistor between the switch and pin 0 but on the very next page theres a similar circuit with no 1K resistor; so do I need the 1K or not?
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    Mount Serial OLED display vertical

    I need to mount the Serial OLED display verticly on a PCB whats the best way to do this and how does the serial interface work with just 1 wire?
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    If bit0=1 then high C.0 else low C.0 alternative?

    Can I simply set a pin high or low with a bit variable or is the if the only option?