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  1. tarantulataramasalata

    Chrome extension Picaxe Blockly 'no ports available'

    Hi I'm trying to use Chrome extension Picaxe Blockly, but there are no ports available when I have the AXE027 plugged in. Can you help please?
  2. tarantulataramasalata

    08M2 Parallel processing help needed

    Hi - I'm trying to get some parallel processing going, but struggling. Any help appreciated! C3 is a PTM switch, C1 and C2 are LEDs. The circuit works with a single program - am I doing something wrong here? start0: do if pinC.3 = 1 then low C.1 high C.2 endif...
  3. tarantulataramasalata

    Modifying a PWM signal - Hacking a RC car!

    Hi, I am trying to reduce the speed of a RC car. It's a cheap chinese one, and I think it uses one of these to drive the motors. Is there a way of somehow taking the PWM output from the above motor controller chip and reducing the duty cycle? Any...
  4. tarantulataramasalata

    Remote Control Car application query

    Hi Picaxe, I wish to use Picaxe to remote control a car. I wish to create a new controller, and there are several motors on board (please see diagram) I need to use a module to transmit the signal to the car. As you can see from the diagram, Rotary switch 1 operates motors 1 - 4...
  5. tarantulataramasalata

    Another Picaxe Stopwatch

    Hi, If I outputted 1Khz/ms into this,, would it be a millisecond timer? If I wanted 4 independent timers, should I have 4 picaxes and displays, controlled by a master picaxe? thanks
  6. tarantulataramasalata

    Arc Lighter Project

    I have an arc lighter that has a 3.7v 220mAh Li-ion battery, and a micro usb port on a little pcb for charging. I would like to incorporate it into a project, and use the battery to power a picaxe circuit that activates other components eg a motor, and also the arc from the lighter. I would...
  7. tarantulataramasalata

    Why AXE027?

    Hi, can someone please tell me why we can't: a. write a program in a webpage b. download it to a picaxe using my phone's micro usb cable c. from any USB port d. from any PC (ie no software installation) e. from my smartphone? Thanks
  8. tarantulataramasalata

    Please help with SLEEP

    Hi, I am trying to use the SLEEP command with an 08M2 and was wondering if my program is using the command properly? Thanks :) main: if pinC.3 = 1 then high C.1 pause 1000 low C.1 pause 500 low C.1 pause 1000 high C.1 pause 500 high C.1 pause 1000 low C.1...
  9. tarantulataramasalata

    Blockly only saves as xml

    I have been using the Blockly compiler in PE6 and also on the website, but I can only seem to save the files in xml, which I can't seem to do anything with. Judging by the instructions I should be dealing with .axe files. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  10. tarantulataramasalata

    input voltage query

    I am using a picaxe 08/M powered by 6v, as per instructions in the datasheets. Is it ok to activate an input using 9v, configured with a 1k protection resistor an a 10k pull down, as per the datasheet?
  11. tarantulataramasalata

    RC car problem

    hello - this isn't directly involved with picaxe, but I'd appreciate your thoughts anyway! I have just bought a couple of cheap RC cars for my kids, and of course they use the same frequency. I thought I would replace the crystal. The handset was easy enough to desolder, but I can't see the...
  12. tarantulataramasalata

    troubleshooting nightmare

    hello please help - i am trying to troubleshoot a circuit but I am really stuck. I have a pic chip outputting to 2 4511bs, and then to a pair of 7seg leds for counting up to 99, powered by 2 3v lithium coin cells. I have checked the circuit a squillion times, everything is wired properly and...
  13. tarantulataramasalata

    how can picaxe recognise different sounds?

    If I made noises of a specific frequencies at a picaxe chip, I could probably hook a mic to an analogue input and get a different output for each different frequencies. If that is the case (please correct me if I'm wrong!) could one then just miss out the speaker/mic bit and send the output...
  14. tarantulataramasalata

    how many variables can one create?

    I'm doing a project and I want to know how many variables I can create. I plan to use readadc and store a sequence of values into a corresponding sequence of variables, and then create a specific output combination depending on those variables. I would also like to store these variables so they...
  15. tarantulataramasalata

    how to make a trip switch

    anyone know how to make a trip switch? I am driving a motor using a bcx38b, and I'd like to ensure that the current does not go above the recommended 800mA. Fuses are a bit primitive but I don't know of another way. Any help appreciated.
  16. tarantulataramasalata

    how to identify chips

    How do I tell whether a chip is an A or and X or an M? Specifically the difference between 08 and 08M would be good. Thanks
  17. tarantulataramasalata

    infraout rocks at 38kHz

    thanks for help on 38kHz modulation, Dippy's figures just got too scary for me :) (see post in last forum) - thanks all the same, Dip. 08M infraout does the biz. question - the output only lasts for a second and then won't repeat until input is off and on again. Why? Tx. Edited by -...
  18. tarantulataramasalata

    how do I modulate an IR LED at 38Khz?

    I am trying to create a IR circuit, where a IR LED activates a remote circuit. There's no data to transmit, just on and off. I have used one of these I have found that I have to modulate the LED at 38khz. A pulseout command would do the 'mark' bit ok...
  19. tarantulataramasalata

    PC output to PICaxe query

    Hi What is the best way to send a signal from a PC? Ideally, I could use a USB output, as these are so common. A simple on-off would suffice, and if possible one that could come from a Flash interface. I would like to create a control panel on screen, that could actuate a PIC circuit connected...
  20. tarantulataramasalata

    LED display drivers??

    I can find plenty of LCD display drivers, including Rev-Ed, but I would like LED ones. The LCD ones hook up to a pic chip and can be programmed very easily; using seven segment displays involves lots of messing around with driver chips etc. Ideas?