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  1. JimPerry

    Trouble with SHIFTOUT and LSBFirst not working...

    Without seeing the MSB and LSB definitions and code - impossible to say :(
  2. JimPerry

    Selective powering of modules

    Pound***d sell 1800maH units for - you guessed it :D
  3. JimPerry

    Picaxe Timing Accuracy

    Check out best of both within seconds :D
  4. JimPerry

    Using a double-DAC MAX519, with I2C

    Chuckle - it has happened before - join the Chuckle Brothers fan club? :love:
  5. JimPerry

    Please point me to some step by step basics to code the PICAXE using Blockly.

    I wish I had the nails from my first Breadboard - 55-years ago - only joking:giggle:
  6. JimPerry

    OT: Bluetooth audio transmitter needed, Googling gives confusing results.

    \mine arrived yesterday - at least you got instructshuns - mine cane with none :eek:
  7. JimPerry

    OT: Bluetooth audio transmitter needed, Googling gives confusing results.
  8. JimPerry

    I feel like a fraud!

    Kitchen fire alarms are usually HEAT detectors - so immune to smoke :mad:
  9. JimPerry

    Are any of the Serial OLED Modules already soldered?

    Apart from header pins they are assembled. :p
  10. JimPerry

    Picaxe 232 communication HELP! gives a good explanation of the differences - mainly 485 uses differential interface :(
  11. JimPerry

    Picaxe 232 communication HELP!

    I would try and get the correct modules :)
  12. JimPerry

    will #macro cause stack probs

    This mkles no sense in BASIC :eek:
  13. JimPerry

    Parallel Task, Pause timing off

    What Picaxe and speed are you using? :confused:
  14. JimPerry

    Get Your Avatars and Feel Alive!

    Animated GIFs don't seem to work :geek:
  15. JimPerry

    PICAXE Forum Maintenance/Upgrade

    Arrgh - everything I have read is flagged as unread :cry:
  16. JimPerry

    PICAXE Forum Maintenance/Upgrade

    The Captcha images for resetting passwords are terrible - took me six attempts! :cool:
  17. JimPerry

    Cheap as chips axe901 £1.20 each - programmable 8M2 PICAXE-08 with socket etc - don't know what I'll do with them .. bought 10 anyway
  18. JimPerry

    Error on forum site

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  19. JimPerry

    Picaxe powered Mooftronic code

    The latest edition of Make has a reference to an old project using a Picaxe 8M - but all of the links are dead at Makezine - anyone here have the code? :confused: