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    IR dimmer switch load query

    Some time ago I made a picaxe controlled incubator to hatch duck eggs. It works well. When I made it I attempted to use a light dimmer switch to control the light globes I was using as the heat source. I had problems getting the dimmer app to work as I wanted so I gave up at the time and went...
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    Powered up Static Servo Service Life Query

    I have been off the forum for a while. Greetings to all my friends here. I have two Hitec HS311 RC servos acting in a pan/tilt app. The control move a small circular pcb (110 mm diameter tightly loaded with smd) with a 3G camera, module etc on it. I see the servos in effect "lock up" when...
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    printing the serial terminal screen contents

    I want to print the serial terminal screen data. I can't seem to copy it and paste it some where else for printing. Any tips on how to do this? Maybe a print button on it would be a good idea?
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    wiping clean the X2 scratch pad

    I'm using hsersetup B115200_4,%01 to write data from a 3G module to the scratch pad for latter processing. The program works through the scratch pad looking for combinations of ASCII letters etc. in order to know what sub routines/goto's to jump to. Ideally I want to wipe the pad clean after...
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    when to use a external resonator

    I am aware the X2 parts can use either an internal resonator or an external resonator when timing accuracy is important. Is there any other benefit to using the external resonator? Does it improve the accuracy of outgoing higher baud rate (ie. 115200) serial coms or I2C coms for example?
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    RC Servos and decoupling caps

    I have 2 RC servos in a complex pcb design running off the same V REG as the picaxe. I know the servos generate a lot of noise in their supply when in operation. Will decoupling ceramic and electrolytic caps on the servo lines filter out this noise to an acceptable level? What cap levels...
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    pull ups/down's on serial lines between IC's

    I have 2 IC's in serial communication on a pcb design I'm working on. I think I need to have a approximately 4.7K pull down R on each track/line if I remember correctly? ie. the lines can't be left floating I looked back at some old pcb designs on previous but can't see them, I seem to...
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    servos at 4.4V?

    I've checked around and it appears to be "doable" but I thought I'd run it by the forum. Will garden variety RC servos run OK, albeit a bit slower, at 4.4V? I'm limited in V available on the board I have.
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    Choosing a Q- Calculating hFE

    I have to choose a Q to switch on a pump in a project. The pump draws around 5amps @ 13.8V running and 12amps stalled. I am using a 40X2 3.3V version to control the project. I have been using this formula here to choose the correct part and R. I had...
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    2 LEDs and input/tri-state com

    Hi all, I've been off the forum for a while but am still busy with electronics. I'm using a smd 40X2 in a project under design and have run out of I/O's. I need to run several status indicator LED's. It occurred to me that it might be possible to run 2 LEDs of single pin by using 1 LED with...
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    picaxe and RS485

    Can picaxe send serial coms compliant with the RS485 protocol?
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    TIG welding update

    Regulars will recall I posted re. TIG welding aluminium housings for a picaxe project. I recently bought this TIG unit. Contrary to what some advised me I can report that...
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    Futaba servo spline pitch, size, count etc.

    Do any of the forum RC enthusiasts know standard Futaba servo output shaft spline pitch, size, count, angle etc. specs? I'm having a some parts cut and rather than attaching them via a horn I'm thinking it would be simpler to go straight onto the splined output shaft. All I can find so far...
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    28X1 downloads 28X2 doesn't?

    Im trying to download into 28X2 and 40X2 parts. I cant download nor will "check firmware version" recognize the parts. I can pull the X2 parts out and subsitute X1 parts (28 and 40) and it works fine. So it appears the breadboards and download circuit, as least as far as X1 parts are concerned...
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    Generating a clock signal

    I'm continuing work with the OmniVision OV7670 camera. The data sheet shows input pin E3 as being for the "system clock input". I intend to command the camera with I2C. I presume I need to generate a clock signal somehow. How is this done?
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    Another anodizing question- Stan et al.

    I'm going to anodize and dye some aluminium picaxe project housings. Anodizing (dependent on the surface area to be anodized) requires a 12V high I power supply. I'll need around 200 amps. High I 12V power supplies are big bucks and I can't afford to buy one as I'm going to lash out on a TIG...
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    TIG welding advice

    This one is bit from left field but theres such a high level of expertise here on the forum I thought it worth while asking. Somebody might be a welder or have experience with TIG welding on some level. I have to fabricate some proto aluminium housings for a picaxe driven project. I have a...
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    advice on digital vs. analogue servos please

    I'm getting some servos from servo city. I see they have digital and analogue units. From my reading of the picaxe coms. manual it appears that the servo command can be used with both. Can anyone advise on the pros and cons of the two types of servos? I want to use them to actuate a pan/tili...
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    bread board query

    I've got a smd device mounted on a 100 thou through hole break out board. The break out has 16 pins at 100 thou intervals on both axis so plugging it into a bread board is problematic Does any one know of a bread board that is set up for this sort of app?
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    Serial Camera Control Bus (SCCB) interface/SPI

    (I have posted the title to this incorrectly, I meant to write that SCCB is similar/same to I2C) I want to do some work with 3G video transmission. I've done a bit with sms/DTMF control/txing/rxing on the PSTN or I wouldn't otherwise go near this. The hw issues alone are scary let alone the...